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Monday, July 7, 2008

Ivy's Baby Blessing

This Sunday we blessed our little Ivy. I made her dress out of my old temple dress that no longer fit. YAY for me and my mad sewing/homemaking skills! (Am I full of myself or what?)

We took family photos. Our immediate family pics turned out, well, as good as they can, considering how family pictures go for us. If you want to read about our other experiences, click here or here. And you can see these "precious" moments in the slide show below, labeled Chaos 1-5. Yep, that good.

Here's our little girl.

Here's our most up-to-date extended family photo, which may not get updated for a while. Brianna and Spencer are driving as I type to New York, where grad school and new jobs await them. We're definitely going to miss Beej and Spencer (they're on the right in this pic).

Here are the proud, and I daresay HOT, mammas with the bubbas. My kids call Kar's baby (Micah) "Baby Mee-kah". Cute kids!

*sigh* I loves my fambly.


Karlenn said...

I love the pictures of Brockie. So freaking funny!! Yesterday was fun. I'm so sad about Beej. :( Do you want to attempt a free movie this week? I'll call you. If we can get one other person to come, then I think we can succeed. But you never know.

Arin said...

Gotta love family picture time! When my mom was here my sis and I tried to get pics of gramma nad the girls as well as a 3 generation pic. Her daughter literally screamed the whole time. As soon as we were done it was like the little demons left her body and all was well with the world.

I think Heidi and I are going to try to go to the free movie on Wed. Just and FYI

idasale said...

I love the pics of your kids I think that is how all of our are at this point. Some day we will have a photo that everyone is happy...someday!

chelzers said...

Great pics. yeah we NEVER have pictures turn out. Those look pretty good though! Good times. way to go on the dress, btw!

Amy said...

I am now just getting caught up on all the blogs and email from last week. Sorry we weren't there for Ivy's blessing. We wished we could have been there. She looks absolutely beautiful and super props to you for making her dress. I didn't know you had such mad sewing skills! Hopefully we can see you all before it gets to be winter.