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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Worth a Thousand Words

Family pictures. Definitely one of the banes of my existence. We went to see Pete's side of the family this weekend, and since it's one of the few times that we are ALL together, we got new family pictures. This now includes 30 people, with two more coming in the next two or so months. The last time Pete's family did a big group photo like this, I was two months pregnant. The last time my side of the family did it, I was 9 months pregnant. And this time I was 6 1/2 months along. Needless to say, the timing on these things is not in my favor.

But what's even better, besides the fact that my belly is huge, my legs are starting to swell, and I'm at least 15 pounds heavier than usual, is how my kids are with professional pictures. My children are complete hams at home. But we get to a studio and it's as if we're about to boil them alive. "Come here and stand by me and smile" might as well be "Come here while I pull every hair out of your head individually". Super fun.

They wanted a picture of Grandma and Grandpa P and all the grandchildren-14 of 'em. All the other kids run up with their smiles. We have to drag my children up, who are now screaming and crying. I have to sit in the picture with a black velvet blanket over my legs and head so that I can sit by them and hold Troy on my lap. The sad thing is I've done the "cover Mom up" thing before. So in that picture Troy looks like we pulled a Harry Potter and performed "Wingardium Leviosa" on him-he's kind of floating by himself on the side of the picture.

The whole family picture went a little bit better. For one, my children's heads are in front of my belly so you can't tell I'm pregnant all that much. And pictures don't have sound, so all you see is a worried look on Brock's face, Jakob licking his snot with his tongue, and Troy clinging to Pete. And I'm kind of grimacing, thinking "WHY is this something that's so hard for my kids/Oh yeah, I'm in this picture too, I'd better pretend to be worry-free".

I'd show you said pictures, but right now our CD drives aren't working. Once they do, I'll add the pictures to this post. But for now you can just imagine, and be glad it's not your kids. But at least we're done for quite some time...oh wait, Brock needs his 3-year-old pictures taken soon. Let the fun begin again!


Karlenn said...

That's right - you need to get Brock's pictures done, so I can add him to my fridge! I'm so sad I lost his from last year - with your shoulder poking into the picture, because he wouldn't sit by himself. :) Every family has some bain. For my kids, it's eating. And sleeping. "Eat your dinner" is akin to your "Let me pull out each hair of your head individually."

Beej said...

I keep wanting to get family pictures for me and spence and the doggies...but I keep having fun break-outs with my fun acne face. It really, really sucks. So I keep putting it off. I was going to send out St. Patrick's Day cards instead of Christmas cards this year, but I put it off too long. We'll get some someday...