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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sharing Time

I'm so awesome and thoughtful. (And HUMBLE.)

I just wanted to let everyone in on some things that I find utterly amazing, while I wait for Brock to pee in the toilet. Yep, just started Brock for now; if Troy shows interest I'll start him, too. Yesterday was the first day, and it was hit and miss, literally. And today, well...

ANYWAY, just so you know, the pumice stone thingy that I found in the cleaning aisle worked wonders on my hard water deposits in my toilets. Just ask Pete. I think he read my quirk post about how I hate toilets, and so he used it for me. I asked him if he wanted gloves to do it, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He was like, "What? The toilets just got cleaned. This is just the hard water buildup." And I puked a little in my mouth at the thought of no gloves while sticking the hand in the toilet. Ugh.

And for your stalking pleasure, I'm pleased to bring you more blogs that I am now stalking. One is Navel Gazing at Its Finest. One of her posts, or I guess the comments on her post, you have to check out. If you're having a crappy day, read it! I guarantee you'll be laughing and feel way better about yourself. And really, any of her posts are a crack-up. The other is She Just Walks Around With It. This chick is an ultra-talented writer. You must read about her, and then read this post. I have literally laughed out loud reading her blog. Not LOL, which is I think what people write when they go "Huh, that's kinda funny" in their head, or when they say something nasty that they really mean and then don't want it to be taken so hard by the other party, like "You have stinky feet LOL". Yeah, they really do mean you have stinky feet. (Sorry, random tangent.) I have wasted multiple hours stalking her blog. But is it really wasting time when you're enjoying every minute? (Wow, I should be in advertising, or marketing, or something.)

And to share a little something about my very bright children, namely Jakob: he made a Bat mobile. Cool, huh?

Okay, I'm done sharing for now. But if you want to share anything with me (other cool products, other cool sites, things about your cool kids, etc.), feel free. But you don't have to LOL.


Arin said...

In the pic of Jake's batmobile there looks to be a blanket crumpled on the floor. Does it happen to be fleece? If so, I think I made Jayce a blanket out of the very same stuff for Christmas. How funny!

Mosers said...

I was going to tell you today to try Brock and see if Troy get jealous! Anyway, sorry I ran off so quick at the movie, I was supposed to be at a work party for my dr.s son but my dumb car is overheating and I don't dare drive it anywhere. So I was rushing home to feed my kids before I dumped them off on Arin, but changed my mind!

Karlenn said...

Okay, I finally checked out those two blogs. Very addicting and funny. I realize how horribly unfunny I am when I read them! :)

bammer said...

Brock with his undies on his head is hilareous!! I doubt you would ever see a girl do that!

Amy said...

That picture of Brock needs to be in his wedding video- priceless!!