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Monday, April 9, 2012

Photo a Day: Reflection/Younger You

Whenever I look at my Troy, I am reminded of my younger self SOOOO much. So essentially, he is my reflection. Here is some photographic evidence to prove it.

Here's Troy, about a month ago. A company did eye screenings at his school, and we got a letter home saying he needed a doctor to check his eyes. And what do you know-he needed glasses. I think he's so SO cute in them. I probably needed glasses when I was 5, too, but it didn't happen until I was about 7.

When we were driving home after he got his glasses, he was all, "Mom! There are mountains over there! Mom! There are WINDMILLS on the mountains over there!" Yep, definitely needed the glasses.

And here is 5-year-old me. Check out that expression. Is Troy my reincarnate or what?  And just to prove that it wasn't a one time shot of that weird "smile", I included another picture of 5-year-old me.

So silly.

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Kar said...

He is soooo your doppelganger. I forgot about that weird grecian statue we had, the one that's behind you on a pedestal in the second picture. Why did we even HAVE something like that?? Were Mom and Dad really into Greek sculpture or something??