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Friday, April 6, 2012

Photo a Day: Animal/Orange

This is my kitty-cat, Memo, in her Sphinx position. She likes to sleep on the end of our bed, so I change out blankets for her to sleep on so our bedspread doesn't get all nasty. (I can wash smaller blankets; I can't wash the huge bedspread.) Right now it's the orange blanket that my mom donated to my class reunion's raffle, that I won randomly. (My high school colors are orange and black.)

Memo is a really good cat. She totally needs a bath right now, but it's such a stinking pain to clean her that I keep putting it off. I never thought I'd own a pet, but she's been a good one to have around. She'll cuddle us when we're sick. She lets the kids pet her even when she doesn't want to be touched, and is super soft with the kids. Once, when Ivy was little, she reached out and grabbed Memo by the tail and started pulling. Memo just looked at her, let out a misery meow, and laid down until I could get there and unwind Ivy's chubby little hand. Most cats would have swiped or bit. What a good kitty.

I love both my cat and my orange blanket!

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Kar said...

She really is such a gorgeous kitty. I love to watch her walk around. And good idea to swap out the blanket instead of letting her hang out on your comforter.