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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Out Cold

Well, it's done.  My old fridge kicked the bucket, if you will.

It had been coming for a long time.  I first mentioned The Leak in this post.  That was almost three years ago.

Then I wrote a letter to my fridge here.  Apparently it couldn't read.

Really, my fridge should have been ashamed a bit, having to use a bed pan to catch its leaks.

This fine tupperware sat in the back of my fridge and caught all the water coming down from my freezer.
I must say, I won't miss hacking out the layers of ice that would build up on the inside of my freezer, either.  Sure, it was a great way to get out aggression, but having ice fly around by my eyes as I chop away at it may not be the best hobby out there.
So, out with the old, in with the new!  Thus:
It's...just so pretty! *sniff*

My mom and my sister both have the freezer-on-the-bottom fridges, and I'm a fan.  Plus, I don't have to bend clear over when I want to get cheese or veggies out any more.

It's bigger than my old one.  And the door holds a full gallon of milk.  It's awesome.

The only downside: buying the fridge has cut significantly into my laser eye surgery fund.  I blame my old fridge for being selfish.


Mindy H. said...

Well, at least your new fridge is big enough and bright enough for you to enjoy pre-eye-surgery. I think it looks really nice in your pretty kitchen. Hopefully it it will learn from your ex-fridge's mistakes and be on its best behavior!

Momza said...

Aren't new appliances so nice?!
I am ready for a new dishwasher myself! Congrats on the new fridge!!

Kelly said...

Yay for new stuff!!! You deserve shiny, new and less maintenance!