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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Money Money Money By the Pound!

Check it out:

These are some of the bills from Pete's kidney stone adventures.

And here's a list:
First emergency room trip: $1,160
Second emergency room visit where they didn't help Pete in ANY way: $973
First surgery that didn't work: $13,238
Second surgery: $15,377
One doctor bill: $5,056
Another doctor bill: $926

We're still waiting for 3 or 4 more bills to come from that whole awesome week.  But the total so far is...wait for it...

No, I did not misplace my comma.  And the photographic evidence shows I'm not lying about the numbers.  It's too bad we have to pay, even when we don't get anything out of it.  Grrr about that.

So, to sum up:

Kidney stone week: $36,730, plus pain and agony and stress.
Aftereffects: still agony and stress
Health Insurance: priceless


Beth said...

Do you not have health insurance?

Nat said...

We have health insurance. This is just what it would cost without it. We're still paying a pretty penny, though. Blah.

Anonymous said...

Yikes!! I'm glad you have insurance, but even with it I'm sure you're still paying wayyy too much!!

Mosers said... yuck! Um...piano lessons are still on our minds.. it's crazy busy this week and next and hopefully I can talk my hubby into starting in November!

Karlenn said...

Oh jeez, that literally made me nauseated to look at that. Highway robbery. And I LOVE YOUR TITLE! Pete's Dragon is the best movie ever made. I really need to buy it. Ben thinks it's awful.

Momza said...

I agree with Karlenn...I felt nauseated until you said you have insurance. And you're title! Used to love that movie...I saw it a few years ago tho and it wasn't as neat as I remembered.
But still, to have money by the pound would be awesome.