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Thursday, October 28, 2010

When It Freezes Over


Brock: Mom, what happens when Hell hits your head?
Me: ..Whaaaa...???
Brock: What happens when Hell hits your head?
Me: Um, I'm not really sure what you're asking, Brock.  When... what? hits your head?
Brock: You know. (making hand gestures, repeatedly touching the crown of his head with his fingers pinched together)  When Hell hits you with those little white dots.
Me: (finally realizing I really shouldn't take every sound of words my kids say at face value) OH!  You mean when HAIL hits you?
Brock: Yeah. (Like, duh, that's what I've said three times now.)  What is it made of?
Me: (explanation of what hail is)
Brock: So, is it bad?  What happens?
Me: No, it just hurts a lot if you're outside and it lands on you.

So glad he was asking about weather!


Layton Mom said...

So funny! He is quite the character.

Karlenn said...

That is the cutest story. I'm excited you've been posting more lately. Keep it up! I just can't get enough; I just can't get enough...*dorky eighties dancing*

The Staker Family said...

That's funny. Ally's teacher was just saying to me at the FAME thing the mom who was teaching the first grade was telling a story about a whale and she kept pronouncing it "well" and the kids were confused and didn't know what she was talking about. Funny how one little sound can change the meaning of a lot of things!