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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kidney Update

So, Pete had surgery Tuesday morning. When they went to get his stone, it went back up into his kidney.


The anesthesia made him really sick, and kind of made him trip out, I think. I visited him early in the afternoon, and he was just staring at the wall, all hunched over. Me: Pete, how are you doing? Pete: I feel weird. Me: Are you nauseous? Are you in pain? Pete: I feel weird. Me: Can I help you out somehow? Pete: I feel weird.

Quite the productive conversation.

Later he felt better. And now he knows to never do drugs.

Pete will probably feel like crap again today, because he had to go in and get his kidney blasted with sound waves to break up the stone this morning.

When the nurse, named "Loopy" (no joke) was checking Pete in, she asked if we had a living will. I said, "No, but I know what to do if something goes wrong," and made the slit-your-neck motion. Loopy said, "I told my husband he wasn't allowed to die, that I'd keep him around somehow." I'm all, "Like stuff his dead body?" Loopy: I had four little kids. I needed help. Me: "Kids, if you don't behave, you'll have to go sit on Dead Dad."

I really hope this is the last of it. Going to the hospital over and over is getting a little old.

Oh, and if anyone has any money they don't need, feel free to send it my way. Because dang.


Karlenn said...

That convo between you two was really funny. I think it's funny when people are Hospital Stoned. Are they sending Pete home today, or does he get to stay for one more night?

Aprillium said...

Boy gotta love when they go in for surgery and do NOTHING... and they still bill you out the yin yang.

Yup... seeing that myself after my stupid broncoscopy... :P

Anonymous said...

I love conversations with people after surgery. Funny stuff!:) Sorry the surgery didn't work out and now he has to do another treatment! I really hope it's the last for him too!!

CHELZERS said...

Oh friend. I'm sorry about all the stuff you have going on right at this moment. :( I hope Pete recovers quickly. And it sounds to me like 'Loopy' may have been living up to her
I've been reading back to catch up on your blog and you always make me laugh. I can just 'hear' you talking when I read your words. :) Miss ya!

Mindy H. said...

Yikes! I hope that Pete feels better soon so that he can leave his drug-induced fog and help you figure out all of these other exciting disasters you get to deal with right now. Good Luck!

Momza said...

Just keep doing your best.
Things work out. They always do.
Hugs to you and your Pete.