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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh, Their Bags are Packed, They're Ready to Go...

(I wanted to wait to post about the kids going back to school until Troy had gone to preschool, too. Just...FYI. Mostly I'm just sayin' because I want to make myself feel better about not doing this 2 1/2 weeks ago.)

The first day of school for Jakob and Brock was cloudy and rainy and cold. But despite the nasty weather, they were still excited to start school again.

Jakob insists that he hates school, but whenever he says that, he says it with a big smile on his face. The little punk actually really likes school.

Every year I've taken the kids' picture out by our dogwood bush. I made Jake stand out there in the rain. You can just read his thoughts on his face: "Mooo-oom, do we have to do this in the rain? Come on!" Yes, yes we did.

The weather got a little bit better (not warmer, but not raining) by the time afternoon kindergarten rolled around for Brock.

He's been looking forward to school for forever. And he absolutely loves it.

He gets so excited. Every day he's like, "I LOVE homework! Let's do more homework!" Our kindergartners get a packet of homework on Monday and it's due on Friday. He finished it Tuesday. So today he's all, "Mom, I need to do homework!" And I'm all, "Um, it's all done already." And Brock says, "But Mom, I need to do homework!!!!" So we did a couple of extra things today.

Such an eager little guy.

It was so weird and quiet to have two boys gone at school. I was so excited for them, but a little sad, too. I missed them.

While the older two were gone, Troy and Ivy played together. Troy built a cat plane (that's what he calls it).

I picked the boys up from school, and Brock ran over and gave a great big hug to...Jakob. Well, at least he was excited to see someone.

After school the weather was much better, so I got a few pictures by our humongous bush.

Here are Jakob and Ila. They've gotten way too big in the last few years.

Last week Troy finally got his first day of preschool. He just could not wait!

He insisted on wearing his old scroungy Bumblebee shirt the first day. *sigh*
Ivy and I went with him the first day. But then Monday he went all by himself. When I got back in the car from walking him up to Miss Karla's door, Ivy gave me a look like, "So, we're not going with Troy? And he's not coming back to go with us?" It was really weird to have just one kid with me.

So far school has been great. Both Jakob and Brock have been champs at doing their homework without complaint. Brock rides the bus home with Jakob, and the first day they walked hand in hand. They both have been looking out for each other, which is so wonderful and sweet. I'm glad to be back in a routine, and getting up early-I get way more done now than I did in the summer.

But it's still kind of empty and lonely without my boys all home.

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Amy said...

They all look so big! I love that Brock's backpack is as big as he is. I miss my kids when they are at school too, but I am glad for the break and I think they are too. Summer was getting boring according to Ethan. Enjoy the time with the littles alone.