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Monday, September 6, 2010

Just Can't Get Enough!

A couple of Sundays ago, this happened:

How, you may ask? Pete sat down. Yep. Just plain old sat on Ivy's bed, and the frame broke. Just add it to the list, my dear. Here's a closer look:

We "fixed" it. It's very white trash, but we turned the bed around so you can't tell. (We drilled long boards along the frame on both sides. I should submit it to the website There, I Fixed It.)

That day at church I was joking with a couple of friends about "what's going to break next? a kid's arm?"


...I shouldn't have done that.

Because then our cute little Tuna decided to up and croak. This is all I have left of it now:

It was about time, I guess. It should have probably lasted only about 6 years, and it lasted 12 years. My stomach started getting all churny at the thought of having a car payment again. Ugh.


Look at Tuna's replacement!

I think this car was especially meant for us. It's a Chevy Cobalt, it has five million buttons in it (including seat warmers-how cool is that?), we got it at a great price at a great rate... I'm still trying to think of a name for it. But our minivan doesn't have a name, so maybe it will be nameless for a while.

In the non-broken side of my life, my parents decided to be all awesome (like they always are) and got me some new trees for my backyard!

I can't wait until they're all big and pretty and giving us lots of shade.

This one has lost a lot of leaves, though, in the insanity we Idahoans call "wind". (If I could, I would seriously dome my whole backyard. Like a big greenhouse or something. Stinking wind. Which blew all five copies of my Sunday paper all over my neighbor's backyard yesterday. Sheesh.)
So, back to the whole "what's going to go wrong next?" You know, besides car wrecks, and sickness, and broken air conditioners, and cameras, and other car deaths, and beds. That's right! The fun hasn't stopped there!

Pete is back in the the hospital today, with his 6th kidney stone. (No matter what/how much he drinks, he will always produce stones. He's just lucky that way.) You can read about his last experience here and here. Pete went in last Thursday, and the doc told Pete to take some drugs and he should pass it on his own. Things seemed fine, until last night, when his pain came back with a vengeance. After a few very frustrating hours at the hospital, and a 2 a.m. call to our urologist, Pete got admitted to the hospital in the wee hours, and he'll be getting surgery tomorrow.

Today I had this song running through my head. (I can't POSSIBLY imagine why. *sigh*)

(P.S. Young Dave Gahan looks like Shia LaBeouf. And 80s dancing is really funny.)


Shera said...

Wow thanks for the blast from the past with that video! I am sorry things have been so stinky for your pack lately! When it rains it really rains I guess :(

Momza said...

so much to comment on!
First, your family life is so similar to mine when I had young children.
Something was always breaking.
That doesn't happen much anymore!
I want a new car, but don't want the payments, either. It's (my Sub) going on 140k miles and I'm gonna baby it until we're down to three kids at home. That's one more year!
I love trees! And when we lived in Fort Collins, CO, I thought it was so windy the house might blow down!
Boise didn't seem so bad after that.
Lastly, your sweetheart has a trial I would not want and I hope he is blessed for enduring it. You too.
Sending good thoughts your way today.

Mindy H. said...

Dang, girl! You and your cute family must be getting the next few years adversity and trials out of the way all at once. That should mean that you have some nice trial-free years on the horizon, right? I will keep Pete in my prayers in hopes that he will be pain-free as soon as possible.

The Staker Family said...

I LOVE(D?) DEPECHE MODE! The funny thing is I don't remember them looking like babies! You are so right about Dave looking like Shia and the silly dancing(if you can even call it dancing!) So sorry to hear about all that has been going wrong, if I can do anything let me know.

Karlenn said...

Holy crap, is he twelve years old in that video?? That is so funny! The eighties rock so very much. Anyways. I'm so sorry about all that you guys are going through. I hope all went well today for Pete. I really wish this trial would be taken from him. I feel so badly for him. I cannot imagine going through that much pain, that often. :(

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been busy!! I'm glad you guys got a new car. I always feel more comfortable with newer things. Hope the payment isn't too bad!! I can't believe Pete broke the bed! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to say I hope everything goes ok with Pete's surgery!! That really sucks!

Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl said...

Poor Pete! I am keeping my fingers crossed Jay doesn't get another seems he gets one after each baby I have.
I thought you were in a new car yesterday when you drove fun.
Oh, the video was awesome! Put a smile on my face.

Mosers said...

I work for a Doctor who had kidney stones and just about 3 weeks ago he was telling me what he did to get rid of them.. I'll have to ask him.. he said he hasn't had any problems with them since?