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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


When I was little, my mom told us that her brother and dad were...hiking? skiing?...doing some sort of activity, and my grandpa would look back at my uncle, and say, "Catch up, Kurt! Catch up!" To which my uncle replied, "Mustard, Dad, mustard!" I don't know if that story is even true, but I thought it was funny when I was young.

Anyway, I've been tired of feeling all behind on, oh, my LIFE, so I thought I'd highlight some of the things that have been going on in the last little bit.

A few days after Jake's birthday, we went down to Salt Lake to see Lion King, and on to Spanish Fork to see Pete's fam.

The car ride down was uneventful...

So, my sister Kar couldn't go, because she went into labor on the 10th! I mentioned that it was raining a bunch on Jake's birthday. When Karlenn came to get her son after the party, she stepped outside on our wet steps, and slipped and fell on her butt. I felt so bad, at first. But then when I found out she went into labor the next day, I was like, hey, go me! Because my sister was absolutely miserable, and I thought maybe her falling down my stairs started her into labor. And since her baby was done cooking, then labor was a good thing.

My dad, at first, thought he wouldn't be able to go, either, because he was in the hospital on Monday morning (same day as Jake's birthday), with some sort of pancreatic pain. They didn't know what was going on. It was kind of creepy to me to see my dad in the hospital-he's NEVER sick. He'll get a cold, like, once every 5 years. So to go from that to hospital was quite the shock. Turns out, though, that his pain went away, and everything is fine. So he got released Thursday morning, and Thursday night we were in SLC.

It was a little weird to have two family members in the hospital at the same time for two totally unrelated events.

Anyway, my sister Lex and her boyfriend, me and Pete, and my parents all ended up going. We ate at-where else?-Benihana for dinner. YUM! Here's me and my gorgeous sister:

Seriously, she could be a part-time model.

My awesome brother-in-law ended up watching our kids (we owe you one, Fatboy!) during dinner and the show, so for 6+ hours. He even watched some Garfield movie with my kids. What a good sport.

Lion King was AMAZING!!! I totally started crying during the opening scene. I forget how powerful live shows can be. The costumes were incredible. My favorite singer was the lady that played Rafiki, the old monkey. She could do the clicking tongue African language (not sure what it's called-I'm really cultured in that way). I liked the special effects they had, too. Like during the scene of the wildebeest stampede-they started a scroll showing them far away, then moved some people in closer with small wildebeest heads, then some people in closer with bigger heads, then people came in with really big wildebeest heads. It looked so cool. They also had a few more songs added; they were so moving.

Pete and I posed outside after the show the way some of the lion people posed:

And here we all are (me, Pete, Dad, Mom, Lex, Chris):

Thanks, Mom and Dad! It was such a great show!

We stayed in SLC that night, then headed down to Pete's parents' house. We played down there the rest of the weekend. And because I suck, I have no pictures. We watched movies, had a barbecue, slept a ton (except for Ivy, who slept like crap the whole time), and relaxed a lot.

In other "ketchup" news, Brock lost his first tooth!

He didn't even cry. (Jakob screamed and cried with every single tooth, except one.) Now he's wondering when his new tooth is going to come in. I told him drinking milk would help his teeth be strong. I think he's expecting to wake up to a full-grown tooth, though. He looks so grown up!

Well, I still have more to catch up on, but that's all I have time to write about right now. More ketchup later.


Karlenn said...

When I saw your title, I totally murmured to myself, "Mustard, Dad, mustard," before I even opened it! That story is totally ingrained in our heads, huh??? Micah keeps looking at the picture of Brock and saying, "Gake. Gake." I think he's saying "Jake." Hm. He doesn't even say his own name. He is so random... You need to stop making me jealous with the Benihana talk. Stop it right now!!!

Momza said...

lol "because I suck I have no pictures"--you don't suck!
You are awesome and talented and loving. Congrats to your family on the new baby, lost tooth, and family time!

Mindy H. said...

Your "ketchup" added some delicious flavor to my morning. Thanks for sharing your adventures!