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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer FAIL, Complete with Tantrum


I keep hoping that if I DON'T blog about my kids' birthdays, and our car dying, and going to SLC and visiting Pete's fam, that I can somehow prolong summer, and that it's not really coming to an end.

my gorgeous gladiolas

But yesterday it was all chilly outside, and fall was in the air. *sigh*

I love fall, and I love school routine (because then I actually get things done), but my lazy summer has been so nice.

Yet, my summer has FAIL written all over it. I know that's exactly opposite of what I just said. (Lazy, wonderful summer equals summer WIN, right?) But. Ivy potty trained? FAIL. Downstairs family room painted? FAIL. Nasty cold for three weeks? FAIL. Car wreck on the 4th of July weekend, which bummed me out, and so we didn't even buy fireworks? Triple FAIL.

I guess I'm not ready for summer to end because all of these craptastic things happened amidst the awesomeness. Also? I'm not ready to get up early. I've been really trying the last couple of weeks. FAILING that, too. Grrr. Me and the snooze button-we've become tight in the last little bit. Which worries me, because how am I supposed to get my own body, along with another, up and at 'em, and out the door at 7:30?

Please, someone. Invent a Time Pause Button. I could really use it.


Anonymous said...

*SIGH* I'm with you on this!! I don't want summer to end either!! Although, I am excited for the boys to start school and be out of my hair for a few hours a day:) Yay for free time. I can't get myself awake before 7am. I think I'll be driving the kids the first week or so because they'll probably miss the bus. Good luck next week!!

Kelly said...

Love the picture! I never manage to do everything I would like for summer. Don't be to hard on yourself. The kids look pretty happy and that is all that matters!!!!

Mosers said...

As I'm reading you blog about "back to school" Kaylan pipes up and says... "hey mom, Jacob is in my class this year!" She is super excited. I always have a hard time with season changes because it means that phase is over.. and I don't want to say good bye to it! Hang in there!

Robin said...

I love the gorgeous gladeolas in your yard! Summer is the best even if you don't accomplish anything! I love having my kids home and hanging out together. If you spent a lot of time with your kids than summer is totally a WIN!

Karlenn said...

My glads look like crap compared to yours. What's your secret?? I'm so not ready for school, either. And you and the snooze button - you've been tight for YEARS, Nat. Years. As long as I can remember. Because I was the one that had to wake you up every day. :)