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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Big 4

My Troy Boy turned 4 at the beginning of August. Crazy. The day was pretty chill, and the kids still went to swimming lessons. For dinner he wanted to go to McDonald's, of course.

Until his birthday, he insisted that the number 3 was part of his name. Not any more, though. Now he's too cool for "3".
Then we had family members come over for the opening of gifts. He got a Buzz Lightyear, and a Batmobile and a Batcopter, a Mickey Mouse movie...

...and a new bike! He kept trying to ride the other boys' bikes, but he's just a tad too short (stumpy) for them, so we got him a slightly smaller bike that will still fit him next summer. (And then hopefully we can pass it down to Ivy in a few years.)

I did lazy cakes this year (as compared to last year). (Seriously, I feel more busy, but I think I'm just getting lazier. Hmmm.) I was just going to write "Happy birthday" all nice-like, but the icing came out all crazy, and I didn't want to scrape it off. So I just went with it, and tried to make it look like it was on purpose. Not my best work, but I don't think Troy cared all that much.

Although the kids are eyeing it all funny-like...
I love my Troy. He loves to cuddle. He's SUPER ticklish. I love that he always has a messy face. I love how sincere he is. I love that he insists on wearing his Bumblebee shirt over and over. He wants to be involved in everything, and thinks that he can do anything his brothers can do. He's SO excited to start preschool. I love that I can kiss his hurt better. He loves his grandmas, a ton. He's a climber, and a little gymnast in the making. I love his cute little tummy that's disappearing with age. He loves to help me with laundry and dishes and dusting. He's a definite morning person. He still will fall asleep in the afternoon, but even with a nap will go to sleep instantly at night time. I love his cute little Hobbit feet and his huge smile.

I'm so glad he's mine!


Mindy H. said...

I'm glad Troy had such a happy day. He is a lucky, lucky boys to have come into such an amazing family.

Mindy H. said...

P.S. I think the cake looks YUMMMY!!!!!

Karlenn said...

Troy is just such a pleasant person to have around. I just love that little man.