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The Nat Pack: The super fashionable, super mod, super hip family consisting of Nat, Pete, Jakob, Brock, Troy, and Ivy. Like The Rat Pack, only younger, cuter, and not as rich or famous.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photographic Evidence

Hey, look what I got!

So now I can take a lot more pictures like this:

And like this:

We've been having an awesome, way too short summer. I can't believe school starts in a little over a week! Yikes!

But, it's been fun. The boys did swim lessons. Jakob swam like a spaz, like he always has.

Brock, taking it so seriously. He improved a ton-he would actually put his face in the water by the end of lessons.

And Troy, who always managed to find me up above the swimming pool, and smiled his huge grin at me the whole time.

We took the kids to a drive-in movie, too. Pigging out is the best!

Idaho summer nights can't be beat! We have too few left...


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad you got a new camera:) The summer really has gone by too fast!! Great pictures!

Beej said...

I love the summer. And I love Idaho. I especially love August when there are thunderstorms. I used to love watching them from the porch or from my room with the window open. I miss you guys so so bad.

Jennifer said...

Yeah for a new camera! So sad I missed seeing those cute kiddo's. Molly LOVED playing with Ivy!

Momza said...

Yea! A new camera! Woohoo!

Karlenn said...

What's up with Beads commenting on your blog, but not on mine? Beads, you are in for a smackdown. I'm jealous that you have had a normal summer. Mine has been whack. :)

Mindy H. said...

Yeah for new cameras and swim lessons and for drive-ins. Summer did go hecka fast. I hope your last few of the season are beautiful!