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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thirty-One-Derful Day

As if we needed ANOTHER thing of ours to break, my camera decided to stop taking pictures yesterday! was my birthday. YAY for perfect (comedic?) timing! Oh, it still takes pictures, but they look like this:

And...because I was fiddling around, thinking/hoping it was just some button that got pushed, I accidentally erased all the pictures that were on my card at that time, including one of my dear friend Steph and me together. (I see her once every year or two. Grrr.)

My camera came back to life for a brief moment, and Pete caught this gem of a picture.

So, that's my one record of my 31st. YAY! But, I still wanted to blog about my beautiful day, so we're going to do a little Paint recreating. Hold on, it's about to get ugly.

So, here's me and Pete at the Playmill Theater Friday night. We're saw "The Foreigner", which was hilarious! I had seen it once in high school, but didn't remember much about it. I LOVE the Playmill-they always do an amazing job.

(Yes, he looks a little pale and a little hairy. Just trying to keep it real, yo.)

And here I am yesterday at lunch with my kids and Pete, at Chili's. YUM! I'm sitting next to Jake, and we had just taken a way super cute picture right before the camera died, that-yep-got erased.

(That would be a burger and fries, and a blackberry lemonade.)

After Chili's we went to the temple visitor's center, and watched the movie about Joseph Smith. It was really good.

And here's a picture of me opening gifts. Jake made some airplanes for me, my parents got me a willow tree for my backyard, Kar got me some couponing supplies, Arin gave me some super yummy fudge, and Pete gave me the first part of Glee on DVD and an external hard drive for my digital scrapbooking stuff.

Oh, and I'll be getting a new camera for my birthday as well.

I decided to have cookies instead of a cake for my birthday. We stuck a couple of candles in the cookies. Betcha can't guess what I wished for!

I liked turning 30, but 31? Not sure how I feel about it yet. Although I can say "thirty-one-derful", which reminds me of one of my favorite movies, "That Thing You Do!" At first they try to spell their band name, the Wonders, like Oneders, and everyone calls them the "Oh-Need-ers". Liv Tyler is all, "Look! The Oneders!" and Steve Zahn is all, "It looks like the Oh-Need-ers", and Liv holds up her finger, and says, "No, ONE. The ONE-ders." And Steve says, "Got it. It looks like the Oh-Need-ers."

So anyway, that about sums up my birthday. It was really great, in spite of the camera gods shunning me. (Go here for kicks and giggles.)


CHELZERS said...

hahaha! creative and funny. love you! and love that movie.

Momza said...

First, happy birthday!
Second, THAT THING YOU DO is the only movie I have ever paid money to go see in a theater THREE times...yeah I'm sick! We own the movie, the cd, and we quote it all the time too!

Aprillium said...

LOL your great, sorry about the camera troubles and the deletage of pictures :( But it gives you a good reason to get a new one, I love my new one... I think I might have a stroke if anything happened to it. lol not because it was expensive, but because it's easy to use and takes good pictures for the "around the house" camera that it is :)

Jodi said...

What a funny post. I can relate to this kind of birthday for sure! I hope you had a very happy birthday. Forgive me for the late wishes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Karlenn said...

Wait just a cotton pickin' minute. I totally commented on this post last night! What happened??? Weird! Did you delete it? Did I write something inappropriate?? Hm. All I said was that Ben and I belly-laughed at this post. Hilarious. Yeah, just bite the bullet and get a camera. It's a necessity for photo girls like you and me.

Steph said...

Sounds like a great birthday, and you documented it just swimmingly! So sorry about your camera, but don't worry too much about our picture. I probably looked really dorky in it. This way, we can both remember us as positively heart stopping :)

Darling Details said...

I was just telling Mike I didn't call to wish you a happy birthday! So sorry. I do love the photos though. You should definitely do a scrapbook page with those. I hope you get a fabu new camera. Happy Birthday!!

Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl said...

Happy Birthday Nat! You are so creative. Sad about your camera, but I love how your birthday pictures turned out.

Mindy H. said...

You are so funny! I'm glad that you didn't let the broken camera ruin your fun. I hope the rest of your 31st year is a blast, with very minimal broken-stuff.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sorry your camera went out on you on your birthday!! And that you lost all those pictures!! Hope you have fun picking out a new one:) I love your picture illustrations. Hehe

Robin said...

Awesome pictures! You are hilarious! I read your posts when I need a good chuckle.

Becky said...

I just caught up on your blog. I loved it as always. You are such an amazing creative woman. I just love you lots.