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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Gay" Aerobics and Other Random Life Events

Random 1:
Yesterday I:
-washed 6 loads of laundry and folded 9 loads
-unmade, then made 4 twin beds and a king bed
-patched a hole on my jacket, and darned some socks
-went to part of mutual
-vacuumed my whole house
-loaded and unloaded my dishwasher, twice
-did a little sudoku
-took out two huge bags of garbage
-cleaned up two dead mice in my garage
-along with the usual (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dirty diapers, fixing hair, fixing lunches, helping with homework, etc.)

I just wanted to document how I pretty much rocked yesterday, so I know that I actually can have the energy and time to get a whole lot done.

However, I did not exercise, because my back was killing me. I think from making the beds. Oh, and from P90X.

Random 2:
One day, Pete came home from work and said, "We should start doing some gay aerobics", and did a little disco-esque move. And I thought, Richard Simmons? But he meant just some sort of aerobic exercise. So we got a copy of P90X, and have been working out ever since. It's a lot of yoga, with some weights, and a whole lot of push ups. Each day of the week is a different workout, and it gets jumbled up after three weeks. I could barely do parts of the ab ripper one, we only did about half of the 90-minute yoga night, and my "weights" for the arm day were little tomato sauce cans. (Hey, when you haven't worked out in who knows how long, you gotta start out slow.) And even though my back was killing me last night, it's been good. It's only been a week, and I feel like I'm sleeping better, and I have a bit more energy, which is probably why I could do so much yesterday (though today, not so much).

Random 3:
The other day I decided that I need to take more pictures of my kids. The spur of the moment ones are the ones that seem to really capture my kids' personalities.

I love this picture of Brock and Jakob. My kids were all taking turns telling "secrets" (mostly just whispered nonsense words) at dinnertime, into each other's ears, and into mine.

I also love this picture of Ivy and Troy. Taken the same "secrets" night. Blue eye heaven.

Random 4:
I'm getting the urge to paint rooms again. I don't know why I get motivated to do inside improvements when I should be feeling the need to work on outside stuff. Though it's still been too nasty and cold and freaking windy to do anything outside, anyway, so maybe it's just fine that I want to do inside stuff.

Anyway, I'm hoping to paint Ivy's room, this weekend. Stay tuned for that! (And I promise I'll be faster at posting. I've been sucking it up lately.)

I also want to paint my downstairs family room, though that's going to be quite the undertaking. I'm hoping for maybe next weekend...ish. (Hey, if anyone out there reading this likes to paint, and you aren't a crazy stalker, feel free to come help me.) And other future projects: making new bedspreads for my three boys, and painting their rooms, too.

Random 5:
I checked out community classes for learning guitar. Turns out they don't teach beginner guitar in the summer. Grrr. So hopefully this fall...

Random 6:
Just spent oodles of money on our minivan on Monday. One of the break pads was totally worn away. And we needed new tires. I really hate spending money on things like that, even though it's inevitable.

Random 7:
I'm starting Brock and Troy on chores-cleaning up toys (which they already do) and helping me dust and windex. They were REALLY gung-ho about it. And Important Kid #2 (Ivy) had to help as well. She cried and cried until she got a rag, and absolutely fell apart when we were all done dusting. Yesterday she was pointing and kept saying "bill! bill!", and I thought she was looking at something outside. Finally she got down from the chair, pulled out a washcloth from the drawer, went back to the table, and starting wiping up the spill that was there that I hadn't seen. Such a little cleaner. Are all girls like that? Because my boys sure as heck wouldn't have cleaned up a spill-they would have spread it around and made the mess bigger.

Random 8:
Memo is getting declawed tomorrow morning. The stinking cat sunk her claws into our new couch. She'll probably hate us for a while, but I'd rather have that than clawed up furniture. (We've tried the claw stand thingies. She doesn't care about those a smidge.)

Well, I'm off to do some more "gay" aerobics with my hubby. I think it's legs and back tonight. Hoo, boy.


Rachel said...

Wow, that is quite the update. I have hear that the PX90 is pretty good. I'll have to let you tell me about it. I exercise regularly but am not having much results, so I need to change it up a bit. I love your blog updates!

Mosers said...

Wow.. you are busy, can I have some of your energy? My hubby is doing that p90x and he's lost 20 lbs! I'm not so motivated. Anyways, I'm blogging again and I have missed reading your wittiness!

Karlenn said...

I cannot get over how much you got done Tuesday. CANNOT. This is why you haven't been blogging - you have been Mrs. Scrubbing woman. Yeterday I did two loads of dishes and actually made dinner. I felt pretty good about that. :) Life is hard when you're preggie.

Robin said...

Don't you love a good hard day at work? Actually, I just love that the work got done, not so much doing it. Good job on the working out! I love working out, but I've got some knee issues so I am taking a break. So fun that your husband is working out with you! Go Pete! I also have an itch to paint. Maybe yours will give me inspiration so post lots of pictures.

Mosers said..., your invite is still open!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's an amazing list of accomplishments! I would be happy if I even did just half, if not a quarter of that list!! Way to go!:) That's greta that you're working out and getting better sleep. I guess I should do that...haha, yeah right:)

Those pictures are so cute! Ivy is getting so big!

I would love to help you paint! I'm not sure how good it is when you're pregnant, but I'm pretty far along. I'm always paranoid about stuff like that. I hope everything works out with the chores. I really need to be better about my kids doing them. It's such a hassle though:P LOL