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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Before and After

My kitchen before:

Monday morning. This is what happens when I neglect my dishes all weekend, because of painting, and attempting feebly to eek out a relaxing Mother's Day for myself. Needless to say, if I'm not the one doing it, it doesn't get done.

My kitchen after:

Monday afternoon. Ooooh, sparkly!

Curtains before:

I've loved having these curtains where they've been for the last 4 1/2 years. But, it was time for a change, and ever since I got blinds for my front bay window, um, windows, I had been wanting blinds on the back.

Curtains after:

And now, I moved the curtains against the sliding glass door. It opens up that area so much! Now I get to fix all the holes in the wall, but at least I have the stuff out because I'll have to fix holes in the walls downstairs when I go to paint there in the near future.

Little boys' hair before:

Brock's hair grows into a ducktail in the back-it kind of goes sideways towards his neck. And Troy's grows very flat. He looks like Julius Caesar.

Boys' hair after:

Nice and buzzed! What handsome little fake smilers.

Ivy's room before:

Winnie the Pooh themed. Which I loved having for my babies. I made a couple of cross stitches, I got some Winnie the Pooh gifts, and because we were super extra poor when we had Jakob and Brock, I got a coloring book, and colored some pictures and put them on paper. When we moved here (when Brock was still little), I painted two walls solid green, and two walls green, but spongy. And I loved it. But again, time for a change.

Ivy's room after:

VERY purple. Pete calls it lavender. It matches the purple on Ivy's princess bedspread. I don't have anything on the walls yet. I was going to do a stencil of pink butterflies and flowers, but the paint bled underneath the stencil, and it got all smeary. So I'm thinking I'll go vinyl or something. Or get some princess posters. We'll have to see.


Anonymous said...

I love all the before and after pictures:) My kitchen often looks like that the last couple months. I love the purple in Ivy's room! Great job:)

Bethanee said...

I love it! You are a busy woman!

Momza said...

your babies are so dang cute. I come here just to see their smiley faces!
You've been doing what I've been doing--painting and cleaning! It's Springtime and that's what momma's do, right? We clean out the Nest!

Karlenn said...

I am a fan of purple, as you know, so I adore the new paint job in Ivy's room. Dang, I should have gotten her a princess picture for her birthday... Okay. In that picture of Brock and Troy, post haircut, Troy is your twin!! You used to always smile like that for pictures when you were his age. I cannot believe how much alike you two look.

The Staker Family said...

I am glad I am not the only one whos kitchen looks like that sometimes. I love clean counter tops! Awesome job, love to see how much you accomplished!

Mindy H. said...

I was impressed with all of your many talents BEFORE I read this post, and now AFTER reading it, I think they should add your face to Mt. Rushmore for you have done the impossible: inspired me to mop my kitchen floor!

Paige said...

Very impressive. We also have been painting and I just had to share... In Miriam's room we painted the walls solid, then did those wall peelie stickers all over. It's a huge chain of colorful flowers and she loves it! It looks very cool and I did it all by myself. With the help of a 3 year old. And she loves moving them around. I have seen princess ones at Target or Babies R Us that a princess girl would love!