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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Old and New

Old: Here is part of one of our old couches, the Aztec couch. It was a hand-me-down from my parents. We had it for 8 years; my parents had it for at least 8 years before that. The footrest on one section wouldn't kick in any more-it leaned to the left. You'd try to move it and the back would come completely off. Oh, and it used to be a 5-piece sectional, down to three, then down to two. It fell apart, section by section. And no, it didn't come frayed like that.

Old: Downstairs couch #2. The plaid couch. The best nap you'll ever get in your life couch. The cushions can make an ideal house/fort couch.

The plaid couch is also a hand-me-down from my parents; they bought it when I was 6. So it's the almost 25-year-old couch. The can't sit on it, because you'll sink so far in couch. The springs are popping through the padding couch. The toothpaste mushed into the arm couch. The lumpy, bumpy, hanging on by the skin of its teeth couch.

Old: My boys thinking that butts-and butt pictures-are so awesome.

Old: My dad. (KIDDING!!) It's just old news that it was his birthday the day before Easter, and I just haven't blogged about it for some reason. In summary: my dad rocks, his birthday was fun, and I wish I could be more like him.

Old: More furniture. This chair is featured in pictures at my parents' house when I was, mmm, 1, I think. Of course, it didn't have that huge crack on the seat back then, but 30 years and jumping little boys will do that to vinyl. It lays back really really fast, and has put more dings in my wall than I care to count.

Old: But not in super bad shape-the upstairs couches. We've had them for nearly 5 years, but again, they were hand-me-downs from my parents, and I swear they got these when they got the Aztec couch. So, maybe 15 years old?

New: Jake's pajama pants. I sewed 2 pairs for my growth-spurt boy in about a half hour. I love fleece-it's so forgiving. I gave them a huge hem, too, so that when he shoots up another 2 inches in two months, I'll be able to just let them out and they'll still fit.

New: Upstairs couches. Sage green. And microfiber! (Translation: perfect for kids.) My kids love that they can rub the fabric one way, and it gets all dark, and then rub it the other way, and it's light. Hours of entertainment.
New: My zeal for finding old people on New Family Search. Both frustrating and fun.

New: Downstairs couches. No more holes! No more sinking in! No more crazy footrest! Dark brown, man-made leather, and very comfy.

New: Upstairs chair, that actually goes with the downstairs set. It still reclines but slower, and with a button!

New: Rules and regulations for my kids about couch kindness. No jumping, no climbing, no cushions off, no markers/crayons/writing utensils, no food. Of course, these rules are actually all old rules, but now we need to enforce them.
So now I guess I need something borrowed and something blue. (I've actually been thinking I want to paint my downstairs family room a light blue. Hmmm.)


Karlenn said...

Dude, I forgot to stop by tonight! I suck! I'm excited to see the new furniture, up close and personal. And I really like the blue idea for your basement. My friend, Camille, has that decor in her basement - light blue with brown. Check it out here:

Anonymous said...

YAy!! How fun that you got all new couches for your whole house!! I love microfiber!! We have 2 white ones. Scary with kids, but microfiber is awesome!:)

Momza said...

Hey I'm furniture shopping too...the dog jumped up on my 12 yo leather loveseat and ripped a hole in it...
$1150.00 to recover it or just buy a new one...
yeah, new it is!
way cute post Natalie!
Have fun decorating with your new stuff!

Aprillium said...

I totally remember your parents having those couches!

How cool that you could pick some out that were your own... I hope the kids get the "new" rules down fast for ya!

Jennifer said...

Fun fun! I keep hoping to replace our old and hand me down couches :) However this is the year of new flooring it appears. (Not complaining I am equally excited about it!)
Good luck deciding on paint and things now! So much fun!

The Staker Family said...

Awesome new furniture, I saw the truck at your house and was wondering what you were getting. Enjoy!

Darling Details said...

Congrats on the new furniture. Ah, the memories of the aztec couch. I totally loved that recliner. it was so comfy for the short while it lived at my house :) Happy new furniture to you!

Mindy H. said...

Cool! New Furniture is so much fun! And I am with your kids on the whole micro-fiber = hours of fun thing. I keep hoping Jenny gets micro-fiber when she gets a new couch. I am already planning many inapproptiate words and pictures to leave behind.