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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The Nat Pack been facing a lot of changes lately, some of which have been awesome, and some maybe not so much. But as Sheryl Crow says, "A Change Would Do You Good".

Last night I got a new booster seat for Troy-boy. (By the way, there are some booster seats on sale at Walmart for $13.50.) He saw it this morning and is so excited. He just thinks he's all sorts of grown up. I wish it would translate into the potty training realm, though. We've been trying to potty train him, but that's very hit and miss. He'll try to change his own diaper, and I keep wondering why he can't just figure out the whole potty-undies correlation, but whatever. I wish my kids were the types that just take charge of that. I know kids like that exist; well, I think kids like that exist-but maybe only in a galaxy far far away. This morning he pulled out his red Bumblebee shirt (he also owns a yellow one and a blue one), and told me, "Mom, my tummy feels yucky, but this Bumblebee shirt will make it feel better."

I got a new computer, because our other one died. It's very little, and very cute. Now maybe I'll find the energy to start working on my online scrapbooking again.

Ivy's had the most changes. Her new trick is climbing up things. It's been kind of a blessing in disguise, because she's been able to climb up on my lap as I haven't been able to pick her up since my surgery. But we have to be extra careful about leaving things on the table.

And although she's a good climber, she's not good enough to get out of her crib. So we got her a new big girl bed. It's very pink, and has princesses on it. I'm thinking I might need to repaint the walls, or rethink the wall decorations, seeing as how they all went with our nursery theme of Winnie the Pooh. Maybe someday, I guess-I'll just add it to the mile long to-do list, that starts with hanging the new window blinds I got for our front room.

Oh, and also this Sunday Ivy gets to try her new nursery class, because she's 18 months old today! YAHOO!! (Well, unless she's like my boys, and hates it, and I have to sit in there with her for at least a few months. But you never know.)

Also, she's getting 4 new teeth. The child already has 12 in her little noggin-this will make 16!

Jakob has a new interest-Bakugan toys. Maybe anta-Say will bring some for istmas-Chray. But I'm thinking I'm going to have the kids help me clear out the unused toys before Christmas. I've done this before, and it's worked really well: I tell the boys how there are some kids that can't afford new toys, so we need to give our toys that we don't use to a store (D.I.) so that they can have toys for Christmas. So then I have them help me organize all the toys (blocks in the block bag, dinosaurs in the dinosaur bag, etc.), and then I have them take turns picking their 10 favorite toys to keep, and we get rid of the rest. (I'm not a super toy Nazi, though- If they pick a dinosaur, they get all the dinosaurs, and sometimes I still hang on to some toys that they don't pick-I call them Ivy's 10 toys.)

And I got new pain meds on Monday, because dang. I will hopefully be able to lift my kids, and vacuum and the like next week, though. It may hurt to do it, but I'll be able to.

Finally, Pete and I have a new obsession: a game called Plants vs. Zombies. It's hilarious, and fun, and the kids love watching us play it. Which I'm going to go do right now, because I have a very patient Brock sitting on my lap, ready to watch.

YAY for new things!


Robin said...

I love getting rid of old toys too. I call it "cleaning out the toy box" and I do it when the kids are at school. I actually empty the toy box, vacuum it out and return the toys that I deem keepable. The others mysteriously disappear. You are awesome to let your kids have a say in the matter:) I guess I am a toy nazi.

Anonymous said...

New stuff is fun...sometimes:) I love the picture of Troy, it's like he's saying "See Mom my tummy DOES feel better!" LOL How cute! New computers are awesome! The climbing phase is fun, but stressful. I hope you get feeling better soon!! It's not fun to not be able to pick up your kids!

I'm sure my boys would love that TV show too. They love anime shows and movies!! I'm sure they would also love that game:)

lexykay said...

you're totally supermom. even after sugery you're like, "hmmm what productive thing can i be doing??" it makes me feel like a mega lazy butt.

Automobile Birdsinger said...

are you on any anti-inflammatory meds? I just learned the importance of that kind of med for your kind of surgery!!! It supposedly kicks the pain. So hopefully, you are!

Momza said...

Well I'd wondered where you were and what you were up to! So glad you're back!
And yea! for new things too! Sounds like your life is changing just like the seasons...hope you feel like your old self soon too!

Karlenn said...

I need to go through my kids' toys again. I'm thinking of getting rid of the play dough stuff. All the play dough is dried out, and the stuff just sits there, collecting dust. I'm so excited for you to be able to lift things again. That will make a huge difference in your frustration level. :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah for new things! Sounds like we are working on some of the same issues! We are doing the potty thing and changing bed thing. However we went with a mattress on the floor. Can't believe how big the kids are getting. So Cute! Hope you continue to heal quick!

Super Mom said...

So much going on for you! K would love to be in a booster, but she still doesn't weigh enough! We did get lucky with the potty thing though. K totally did it pretty much on her own. Maybe Ivy will be your fast trainer- she is growing up way too fast! I can't believe that she is in a big bed already! That just blows my mind. Yea for new computers and nursery. I think that you are being way productive for still recovering from surgery. Amazing!

Mindy H. said...

Congrats on all of the new "happys" in your world. I'm glad that things are going well. It is amazing how quickly things change and how often "new" shows up in life. It sure keeps us on our toes!

Kelly said...

I do not envy the potty training thing, but just think only Troy and Ivy to go and you are done forever!!!!