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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Halloween came. Halloween went. And I really didn't do anything for it, because a) I've been feeling awesome, and b) two of the kids got swine flu the Tuesday before, so we were all kind of quarantined to our house for a couple of days. (By the way, Tamiflu rocks!) We didn't carve pumpkins, Brock didn't get to go to his preschool party, and I have zero Halloween decorations to put out in the first place. Just call me the Halloween Scrooge.

But, my kids were well enough by Thursday, so they got to go trick-or-treating with Pete on Saturday. Troy was "Optimus Plime" (according to him: most "r"s in words he replaces with "l"s), Ivy was a chubby butterfly, Jakob was Bumblebee, and Brock was Spiderman.

I'm glad that we got costumes over a month in advance, but I was kind of sad that I wasn't able to dress them up in something where they all fit together. Example: last year my friend and I dressed up our families as all the characters from "The Wizard of Oz", and it was so cute! It's just that every year my kids end up being super heroes, and I know that Brock has been Spiderman before. But I need to remember that to them the characters are so totally different, even if it's not to me. I kept trying to convince my boys to be a group, like the 3 Musketeers, or Blue Man Group, or the 3 Amigos. But they weren't going to have it. Maybe next year? But if not, oh well, because when I was a kid, I dressed up as Annie for at least two Halloweens.

Note to self for next year: don't be a Downer Dan about Halloween!


Anonymous said...

I love their costumes:) When they dress up the same it is cute and life is so much easier! I love Ivy's chubby butterfly!! So CUTE!!:)

We didn't decorate very well either. Maybe in the years to come we'll get better at decorating!:) I'm glad all the kids got over the swine flu fast!!

Karlenn said...

Well, Nat, you were Downer Dan for a reason. When you feel crummy, who wants to do anything??? And I say, let them be what they want to be, even if they don't match. We never matched. Because you wanted to be Annie for like 10 years. Hahaha! One year, I was a gypsy. You were Annie. Another year, I was an indian. You were Annie. It makes me giggle still.

Super Mom said...

I only remember doing matchy costumes once growing up. My bro and I were Raggedy Ann and Andy. SO maybe it's better to let everyone pick what they want. They are happy, there is less fighting, and then it's over! Your kiddos looked cute and happy. Halloween is not my favorite holiday either.

Kelly said...

Boys are so predictable for Halloween. We have all of the superheroes costumes because that is always what Davis wanted too. This year he wanted scary. He picked the grim reaper, snore. Next year I asked if he would be something where I could see his cute face. He decided that him a Jack could be cowboys. I hope he doesn't change his mind!!!! Sorry about the swine flu. I want to get my kids vaccinated, but not bad enough to wait 3 hours in line....

Mindy H. said...

I think that it was very wise of you to have a low key Halloween. You need to save up your energy for the bigger and better holidays that are coming up.

I hope that your family gets to be done with flu for the year, and that you will start feeling 110% again soon.

Ulberich said...

We had similar issues at our house, the swine flu sucked the Halloween out of all of us!! I am totally looking forward to next year and making up for it though!! I love to do fun meals and crafts and such but it didn't happen! Hope you are all feeling better and noone else at your house gets it!

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