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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Noteworthy or Not Worthy?

Well, been keeping busy. Some stuff has been eventful, but mostly we've just been hanging out. Pete had last week off, and we started listing-literally-the things we wanted to do as a family. So I wrote stuff on a ratty receipt.

I think we did everything on the list, except go to a drive-in movie, firstly because it's been raining (where are you, warm weather?) and secondly the shows out right now are not ones I'm dying to see. Pete redeemed his birthday massage that I had bought for him, we went swimming at Green Canyon, we took Tuna in to get checked out, Ivy got shots, I picked up the super cute yearly pics from the store, and Jakob started a once-a-week art class.

We also got sick, and the boys got super sunburned:

I've been re-reading Harry Potter-just finished #1. Can't wait for the movie!

Jakob finished Kindergarten. He says he's glad to be done, and I'm both glad and sad that he's done. He's still reading up a storm, and I know I need to harness that this summer so we don't let the skills slip. He and Ila have grown so much! Here's the first day of school (top) and last day (bottom) pics to prove it:

We ate Olive Garden and got it to go; and because I have bad customer service karma, my order got messed up. So I had to take it back, but then got a $15 gift card. Aw, yeah!

And Ivy is starting to take steps without holding on to things. Oh, and I am trying to learn the ways of the baby girl hair, and have done pigtails a couple of times. Knowledge in progress, my friends. (Could you just die from that smile?)

I think it's going to be a good summer.


Janae said...

First off, I have to say that I love all your whity blog post titles. You are so creative. Second, ouch on the sunburns! Third, Ivy is super cute!!

Aprillium said...


Good job on the little girl piggies!

Rachel said...

Ivy is so cute, I can't believe she is so big. It makes me sad to think how fast babies grow up!

Karlenn said...

Oh, I LOVE her little pigtails. So stinkin' cute!!! Hey, I went to the library the other day and signed Dylan up for their reading program. They have rewards for a certain number of books read. One book - a certificate for a cinnamon roll at Mrs. Powell's. Five books, something else. Clear up to 40 books. Local businesses all sponsored it, so you can get some pretty sweet stuff. And then, there is a section in the kids' area called "Easy Readers," and they have little labels on each book. There are five levels of easy reader books. The very easiest have white labels, and the second easiest have yellow labels. So it's nice to be able to pick books at a glance that will be your kids' level. White seems a bit too easy for Jake and Dylan - he's been doing well with the yellow labels. So go over and sign up!!

Mindy H. said...

As a pro-list kind of person, I am very impressed that not only did you make a list of fun family activities, you actually accomplished them!

And oh my goodness your kids are cute! You and your hubby have made the world a more beautiful place!

jomama said...

yep, super cute smile. also, what art class is jakob taking? that sounds cool! and i know what you mean about kindergarten being over. i'm trying to keep m. up with everything, but i think she's already forgotten how to read, count, the alphabet, everything. just kidding. mostly.

suzy Q. said...

All your kids are so stinkin' cute, but Ivy especially is a doll!

Miranda said...

Love Ivy smile what a doll. YOu are doing great with the girl hair thing. Score on your gift card!

Amy said...

What a fun start to the summer. I can't believe how much Jake and Ila have grown! It's always hard to tell day by day, but those pictures really tell a story. Ouch for the sunburns! You are doing great with Ivy's hair- pretty soon she's going to have more than Miss K!