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Monday, June 15, 2009


Jakob's jaw is getting bigger, I think, because he's starting to get a gap on the side between his teeth. It probably doesn't help that his front tooth is loose, either. It's kind of Hillbilly-ish.

I took the last of the medicine for my rash on Saturday. This medicine has steroids in it. And seriously? How can anyone in their right mind want to do to their body voluntarily what has just happened to mine? I have the fishbowl head feeling, where I'm just standing there and then all of a sudden I feel like I'm tipping over backwards, yet I know that my body isn't actually moving. I absolutely crash during the day because I'm so tired, but at night when it's time for bed I lie there awake. And then when I do sleep, it's crazy dreams and tossing and turning. And then I'm all shaky, like too much caffeine or something. I don't get why any of that would be ideal, just to get bigger muscles or whatever. Yeah, I'm really hoping all of the side effects go away in the next little bit.

We took the training wheel off Jake's bike. I say wheel, singular, because the other had fallen off before. And I say Jake's bike, even though it was Brock's bike for his birthday. My kids are kind of...transient when it comes to what belongs to whom. After we took the other wheel off, Jakob started yelling and pedalling as fast as he could up and down the street. "Yeah! This is awesome! Woo-hoo!" a la Leonardo DiCaprio on Titanic ("I'm king of the world!")

I'm trying a new motto: cease to be idle. It's kind of working.

I can't decide which animal Brock is most like. He's like a squirrel, where he hoards away toys in his bed. He's a night owl, for sure.

I've also come to face the reality of laundry every day. Back in the good ol' days of two kids, I could put it off and just do once a week. Now if I wait just once a week, my kids run out of clothes and the pile is almost as tall as I am. This week I realized that I have to do at least a load a day. *sigh* I wonder when a good age is to have your kids start the machines etc. by themselves...

I can't find Ivy's toothbrush. It's probably in our massive mess of toys. Not that I can really perform the actual act of brushing with her. Eating toothpaste is kind of like brushing with toothpaste, right?

We buzzed the boys' hair the other night. Troy looks bald because his hair is getting lighter and his skin is getting darker.

Memo, our killer cat, has brought us many treats in the last couple of days, including two birds. I'm very impressed with her hunting skills. My gag reflex while scooping up said dead birds is very impressed as well.

I love to eat out. If I could, I would eat out once a day. But I would make sure it could get delivered to me. More restaurants should have delivery.

I hope that cat food is an appropriate snack food for little mischievous girls.

I wish that brownies would magically make themselves, like a neverending supply. But they would also change themselves to be different kinds of brownies. Maybe I've been reading too much Harry Potter...nah.


Rachel said...

Natalie, you are so funny- I love how your mind works. I have also found that I have to do laundry every day or I get behind, plus I decided I would rather do 1 or 2 loads a day then a whole ton on one day.

Becky said...

I totally want to hug you because you are so dang cute!!! Lovechunks . .out ;)

Mindy H. said...

First off, I don't think it is possible to read too much Harry Potter, especially when we are only a month away from the 6th movie being released. :)

Second, you are way too cute for your own good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your new motto...I am going to have to try that "not idle" thing one of these days. Right now, though, idle feels so dang good!

Amy said...

I'm so with you on the eating out and brownies. And if you figure out the whole replenishing brownie secret, could you make them no calories too? Thanks.

Blaire said...

I'm definately on board with the magic brownies.

Anonymous said...

I need to start reading your blog more! I was laughing the whole time reading this post! Sounds like your life is very fun and interesting. Who wouldn't want to do laundry every day?:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I absolutely LOVE that picture of your kids at the top of your blog!!!

Karlenn said...

Look! My friend Megan is now your friend Megan! You should get her to take your kids' pictures. She's gooooooood. How is it that we talk like every other day, yet there are still so many things I don't know about what's going on in your life? Hm. Yeah, I'm constantly doing laundry. Constantly.