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Monday, March 2, 2009

Third Time's the Charm

You know this plan? Well...

I did one or two months, and then kind of tapered off.

And apparently, I'm obsessed with hygiene. Because this is what I got last time I went to the store:

They are little travel cleaning products for our 72-hour kits: shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, soap, deodorant, lotion, and mouth wash.

BUT. We got our tax return, and before something befalls us (kidney stone, car trouble, etc.), I went and spent it all. I went to The Preparedness Store, and ordered a year's worth of food storage for one person and a 55-gallon water drum. The food, packed in #10 cans, lasts for at least 30 years ("store and ignore"). This is the one I got. The water drum, when you put some magic stuff in it, keeps water fresh for 7 years. 7 years!

Though I'm far from done collecting food storage, it feels really great to have something in our basement.

Oh, and I totally won something food-storagey! There was a giveaway at Safely Gathered In, and I left a comment, and the random generator picked me! I won some little emergency first aid cards. I never win. NEVER. (Well, never before I won over at their blog.) But hey, go check out their site-they have oodles and gobs of good information, recipes, free printable stuff, etc.

YAY for being prepared!


Mindy H. said...

You truely are an inspiration to the unprepared me. I keep telling myself that I will get a real food storage when I get a real house, but that might just be wishful thinking.

Kristine said...

Way to go! You are doing great! Thanks for the link too :)

Mosers said...

That is awesome!!! Yeah Nat.. I am so excited for you! I got some of that ION stuff too for my water jugs! If you want to know about the pinching your pennies web site it will help you with food storage.. you can spend the same amount on your groceries but.. with this program it will give you 3 times the food! I like the idea of getting storage without spending more money! It is wednesday at 7 at the chruch.. come to it with me you will love it

Amy said...

What a productive way to spend the windfall of tax return money. I know what you mean about it getting squandered for other purposes. Good job on amping up the food storage. Now that Jeff is back to work we need to resupply.

Steph said...

Good for you!
You know, with us moving, we recently sold a bunch of our buckets of wheat and other stuff that we had purchased, because we won't have ANY room to store them when we're renting an apt or townhome somewhere. (anything we have in #10 cans we're taking though, because you can hide those in funny place) Anyway, I figure we've got to be blessed some how though, because now we don't have food, and we lost money on the whole thing ;)

But hey, I'm coming to IF with the kids this weekend. Let's get together!

Karlenn said...

Nat, you are so on the ball. I figure I'll worry about food storage when Ben gets a job. :) So I hope he gets a job before the apocalypse. But you never know....

Blaire said...

Way to go. My hubby said that if we have a ton of food storage and have to move, he would rather throw it away. Good thing we used up 2/3 of our supply last year or there'd be lots of food in the trash :)