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Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Food" Storage, Take 2

This is my second month of collecting food storage, and once again, I didn't really get much into the food aspect. I'd make a lousy scout. (You know, "be prepared". Which I'm not. And I'm also not a boy. Surprise!)

Money was a tad tight this month. I haven't even been able to keep my regular supply of Coke handy. Very grr. But I did get some clothes for our 72-hour kits. We now have sweat pants and t-shirts for each of the boys, and socks for them as well. And Pete and I have a pair of jeans, two shirts, and a sweatshirt each. Some of these were new purchases, and others were clothes that we never wear that would probably otherwise go to D.I.

As for Ivy, well, right now she'll be going naked. (The girl is just growing so fast! I had to buy some new jammies for her, and they're size 12 months. Yeah, she's 5 1/2 months old.)

Here they are on our lovely mostly bare shelves:

I did, however, buy a 25 pound bag of flour. Honestly, right now that bag would probably last us a year with our current cooking/baking style. However, in times of need, we'll need a whole lot more than that. According to Your Family Ark, we'll need 98 pounds of flour, and like 600 pounds of wheat. Like I said, a lot more than a measly 25 pounds. I also bought some salt and a bit more bleach. So I'm on my way to making bread, kinda. Or some peach cobbler...yum!

Next month, I'm thinking maybe some clothes for Ivy.

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Karlenn said...

You are doing SO WELL. We're screwed if there is a disaster. We'll eat old 72-hour kit stuff. And probably die from that. I need to get my butt going on that.