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Monday, September 15, 2008

If Ye Are Prepared...

No, I don't live anywhere a hurricane would reach.

Nor do I live anywhere near Tornado Alley.


You know that year's supply of food storage that every family is supposed to have? We're nowhere close to that, either.

Today I'm going to change that. I'm going to rearrange finances the best I can to start building up our food storage. Because if something were to happen, we'd last maybe two weeks. Maybe. That's pathetic.

The plan: I'm going to come up with 14 dinners that are easy that my family likes. We'd only have to eat the same meal 26-ish times in a year. I'll also come up with 4-5 breakfasts and 4-5 lunches as well.

My parents gave us 72-hour kits a couple of years ago for Christmas. I haven't even opened them to see what all is in it. I know I need to add things like clothes and diapers.

The tools: There's a website called Your Family Ark that you can figure out how much of everything you need.

The goal: By the end of this year (2008), I want to have at least two months' worth of food storage. In 12 months' time, I hope we have a whole year's worth. We'll have to see how far money actually goes in this endeavor.

Wish me luck!

(I'm hoping by posting about this, it will get me motivated to keep on top of it. Maybe I'll have to do monthly updates or something.)

Update: I'm thinking having a year's worth in a year's time is REALLY ambitious. Maybe in 18-24 months? We'll have to see how it all pans out.


The Staker Family said...

Wow, that is awesome. And a good idea about 14 meals. Go you. I am still going to procrastinate the day of my repentance in hope of my husband getting a raise.

Amy said...

What a worthy goal. We are no where near a year supply either. But our 72 hour kits are good. I really should shoot for at least three months supply though. I need a house with more storage space!

Anonymous said...

Yay, I really need to get my emergancy kit up to date. My parents gave all us kids backpacks for each family member 3 days worth of stuff. Minus: diapers, wipes, clothes, water and some more food. You would have thought that with Mother Nature bring her wrath down near me I would have that all done..but no I don't hopefully I will soon.

Mindy H. said...

That is such a great goal. Thanks for setting a good example for me. Right now the closest I've got to a "food storage" is always keeping enough gas in my car to be able to make it to my sister's house (and her ample food storage).

Jodi said...

This weighs so heavily on my mind too. I have to start somewhere. This is a great idea.

Karlenn said...

Good girl, Nat. Good girl. Can we come live with you if there is a catastrophe? :) So then your food will only last one month? I'll bet you'd like that plan.

Mosers said...

Yeah.... I love food storage! You are welcome to come over and I'll show you what we store and how we got started! I think food storage is addicting! We started by adding 50.00 extra to our grocery budget and I buy just (short term) food storage with it and then twice a year I try to come up with a couple hundred to go to the cannery for dry pack... if you want to go do dry and I'll go with you... p.s. my aunt use to help run the Pocatello cannery and she gave me a bunch of meals that are used just from the food storage items the church tells you to store! I also have a book that tells you what to get week by week to have the storage in a year! Give me a ring!

Mandy said...

I should really thing about this, epecially sense I do live in more volitale area!!! At least some batteries and flashlights or something!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I wish I was as motivated as you:) To answer your questions, yes, I LOVE our new home! It's so nice to have enough bedrooms now. And for work I am part time at a pediatric home health company as a nurse. Hope you are doing great!