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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Miss Integrity, with her CTR ring, in the chapel!

On Tuesday our Young Women had New Beginnings. For those of you that may not know, New Beginnings is where we highlight the girls that came in the last year, and kind of go over Personal Progress and the values. And because I'm totally awesome, I brought my camera that night, but failed to take pictures.

Anyway, it was super cute. Our Laurels and Mia Maid and the YW Prez were the ones that planned it. They did a Clue theme, where during the night we had to guess the value girl, and the "weapon", and what room. The guests had clues in an envelope, and had to say if they could disprove the accusation. Each of our girls had a little spiel on the values. And I was Miss Choice and Accountability. Which means...

...I got to wear a sweet orange outfit, not unlike the one below. I found it at D.I. for $6. It was polyester bell bottomed pants with a shirt that had cute little flowers on it. When I showed it to Pete, he laughed, then said, "Well, now you have paint clothes."

They had decked the gym out with question marks, and had a dead person outline on the floor. They even found Clue candy to hand out with the invites! The culprit ended up being our Miss Faith, decided because she was the only one that came in last year, so they took the chance to highlight her at the time of accusation.

All in all, VERY cute, and VERY fun!


amanda said...

Wow! I am seriously impressed. That must have taken a lot of planning and been really fun.

I dare you to put a picture of you in the orange outfit on your blog. :)
Just kidding!

Karlenn said...

I think that is seriously the cutest idea for a New Beginnings. And where did they find the Clue Candy? This makes me want to watch that Clue movie again. It's hilarious.

The Staker Family said...

You guys are so stinkin' creative! How fun!

CHELZERS said...

I can't even get over how awesome and cute that idea is! You guys seriously are the best YW prez in the HISTORY of the church! What lucky girls.

Mindy H. said...

Your young women's program must be the best in the whole church!

We play human-clue every now and then in FHE, but we are lazy and find the LDS clue games on line. Your girls are so lucky to have such creative and hard working leaders!

breymom said...

This was so darling! You guys always have the funnest ideas.

Shera said...

I knew you gals would be perfect at this calling! You do an amazing job!!