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Monday, February 23, 2009

Famous Family

So. My sister did a tag a while back about if someone made a movie of your life, what famous actors or actresses would play you and your family.  She did such a good job on everyone that I didn’t know if I could do it and make it be different.  But here are my picks.
I agree with Kar on my parents.  My dad would be Michael Keaton (they could be twins, seriously), and my mom would be Doris Day (she’s always so sunny and fun-both of them).
michael keatondoris_day
Kar would be Eliza Dushku, especially with her new bangs.  And  Ben would be Jamie Hyneman, from Mythbusters, with the goatee and shaved head and glasses.
eliza-duskdu-layered-long Jamie_Hyneman
Beej would be Liv Tyler, with the dark hair and the piercing eyes.  And Spencer would be Russell Crowe (back in his normal days), with his handsome smile and curly hair.
liv_tyler Russell_Crowe
Lex would be played by Blake Lively-the long, blonde gorgeous hair, and beautiful blue eyes.
If the movie shows my kids grown up at some point, then Jakob would be played by Jensen Ackles, because I can honestly see Jake looking like him when he gets older.
jensen ackles 1-26-09 007
Brock would be Joaquin Phoenix (before the big beard), because of his dimples, dark hair, and blue eyes.
Joaquin-Phoenix DSCI0046
Troy would be Daniel Craig, a long, LONG time from now.  They both smile with their whole faces, and their eyes crinkle up.  They’re both blondies with the blue eyes.
craig_daniel_cp_8652752  1-22-09 003
And Ivy would be Hayden Panettiere.  Again, it’s the blond hair and blue eyes.
panettiere_hayden2-16-09 007
For Pete, I pick Joshua Jackson.  The dark hair and beautiful blue eyes, and the scruff.  And in the show he’s currently in, Fringe, he plays a genius that’s funny, which is totally Pete to a T.
And for me, well, I went with Bryce Howard.  My kids saw my 8th grade yearbook picture, where I have a fabulous perm going on, and they were all, “Hey!  You look like Ivy from Billage!”  (Bryce’s character, Ivy, has permy strawberry-blond hair in “The Village”.)

So there you have it.  Hey, Hollywood?  I’m so ready to sell the rights to my family's story!


Mindy H. said...

Great choices! I would pay full price to see that movie!

CHELZERS said...

K don't take this a weird way, but I think If Angelina Jolie lightened her hair she could play you and I think Harry Connick Jr. could play Pete. What do ya think? :D Oh and I've always thought your dad looked like Michael Keaton. Funny.

Mosers said...

That is hilarious!

Pete said...

Come on hon, Pacey? -250DKP!