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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Break. Dance.

Last night Pete pointed out that I haven't blogged in a week. Not that that's such a gigantic hiatus, but unusual considering my blogging average. I guess I've felt like I haven't really done anything of note, but quite the contrary; I've been busy! Doing what, you may ask? Well...

1. Last night I cleaned my bathrooms. If you know me, you know that's quite the feat. I just kept thinking about if someone came to my house and had to use the bathroom. There's no way I would have let them, because all three of my bathrooms were that bad.

2. On Friday we went down to Pete's brother's house. Both Pete and Mike are Industrial Hygienists, and they're both studying for the Certified Industrial Hygienist exam coming up in April-ish. So we all went down, hung out, Pete got some books and attempted to copy some CDs (didn't work). It was awesome to see his little family, and Pete's parents came up to see us. Super quick trip, but it was fun.

While down there we ate at Benihana. Ahhh, Benihana. Even my kids like their rice! If I were a millionaire I would either have a private jet and go down every week and eat there, or I'd hire a Benihana chef to cook for me. Man, now I need to go wipe my drool off the keyboard...

3. I gave a talk on Sunday. Talks really shouldn't be that nerve-racking. It was on the Mutual Theme for 2009: 1 Timothy 4:12. Look it up.

4. I conquered Mount Laundry yesterday. Of course, in our house, that lasts about two days before it rears its ugly head and grows back. But as of last night, it was completely gone. Go me!

5. I also taught the lesson to the Young Women on Sunday. I'm really glad I had a movie clip to show them from The Testaments. I'm just not the greatest teacher out there. Of course, I've been considering teaching piano; maybe I can take classes on becoming a better teacher.

6. Taking care of my rug rats. Ivy's getting close to crawling. She's very mobile without it, though. And she sticks everything in her mouth. Brock was being clingy yesterday (drove me insane). Troy, for some crazy, wonderful reason, hasn't been getting into stuff as much lately; I hope that sticks. (Knock really really hard on wood!) Although he did pull a table onto himself last week. And Jakob is back to the grind with homework. Lots of homework.

7. My back has been killing me for the last couple of weeks. I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow. I hope it helps. (In case you didn't already figure it out, that's not my back. I only wish I had that many muscles. However, I don't wish to be a man. But that is where my back has been hurting me.)

8. I've been debating the whole digital scrapbooking thing. Blurb, Shutterfly, Picaboo, Heritage Makers, etc. So I've been looking through my old scrapbooks to see how big they are in terms of pages, and how big a year's worth is, etc. By the way, my babies are total clones of each other. I'll have to post about that some time.

9. I've been watching my kids bust some sweet moves. Jakob does this little dance that cracks me up every time. They are constantly boogying. So here are a couple of clips; the first is Jakob's little dance, the second is to some music. Brock wasn't feeling the love at the time. He's more of a sit and lip-sync kind of kid anyway.

Troy's such the little copycat. And Jake is a spaz, no doubt about it.

Anyway, that's where I've been for the last week.


Automobile Birdsinger said...

what is up with the trampoline in your family room?!

Amy said...

I think breaks are theraputic. So glad to have you back, but also glad that you can take some time off.

Layton Mom said...

You busy girl you! At least you only took a week break, my breaks tend to be about a month or so. Oh yeah, Ila was convinced the other day that she was supposed to go play with Jakob after he got off the bus the other day. I told her she would have to wait until you called to invite her over. She seriously watched out the window for the bus and then waited for the phone to ring. "But Mom, Jakob said his mom already said it was okay." So funny. Jayce even asked if he could go too so that he could jump on the trampoline.

Kelly said...

First let me say, is that a trampoline in your living room? That has been a life long dream of mine! Second, you have been busy. I was exhausted just reading about your week. Third, those are some sweet moves your boys have!

Rachel said...

YOu have been busy, by the way good job on your talk on Sunday, I did shed a few tears. That to me is always a sign of a good talk.

Nat said...

Autumn-Yep, that's a trampoline. In my living room. We were insane when we put it up. However, the boys got it for Christmas, and as soon as it's warm outside (no snow) we'll be taking it out and leaving it out.

Karlenn said...

My kids just asked to watch Jake dance several times! I love his little butt-wiggle move!!

Mindy H. said...

Those are some pretty sweet moves...and I think the trampoline in the house pretty much makes you the coolest mom ever!

I took a bit of a blog break this week too. Sometimes busy wins out over bloggin...but is sure is nice to have you back.

amanda said...

Hi Natalie! I have been meaning to leave a comment on your blog forever! It's so fun to reconnect with old friends through the internet.
I LOVE the pic you have at the top of your blog- nice and real. :)

breymom said...

can't believe you put your tramp indoors that looks too cool!