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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Thing that sucks: Having the whole family sick with an awesome cough/cold, stuffy/runny nose thing.

Thing that rocks: It's not the barfies.

Thing that sucks: I've got it, too. Yet, the world does not stop for a mom that is sick.

Thing that rocks: Taking a two hour nap with my two-year-old. (So the world did stop. For two hours, anyway.)

Thing that sucks: My three-year-old throwing a fit about taking medicine, and him spitting it out all over my hand.

Thing that rocks: My 8-month-old totally takes the medicine.

Thing that sucks: Going over-budget at the grocery store. And the money getting tighter and tighter...

Thing that rocks: Knowing our tax return will be coming in a month or so.

Thing that sucks: Taking my 8-month-old in for shots at the health department, and having it cost more than our co-pay, but not knowing that until they're ringing us up. Oh, and the shots in the thighs of the 8-month-old.

Thing that rocks: Having said 8-month-old thisclose to crawling. And her top teeth are almost through her gums.

Thing that sucks/rocks: My two-year-old not getting into stuff as much lately. Rocks because it's less work for me; sucks because it sure was fun to blog about. (However, I believe it's a temporary reprieve; he is still himself, after all.)

Thing that sucks/rocks: Eating at Red Robin for free with my sisters and mom. (They practice for a few days, and give out passes to people so they can make stuff-like a dress rehearsal.) Rocks because it's so dang yummy, and great company. Sucks because when it's open, it's a $10 meal, meaning a $10 burger. And the smoothie/lemonade drinks are, like, $4. Yikes.

So, what sucks or rocks for you?


Karlenn said...

Could you write any cuter posts?? And dude, the drinks were $4.29, dude. $4.29. Dang. Hey, and we are all sick, too! I feel strep throatey. Big, big fun. Um, sucks/rocks... let's think. Thing that rocks: I just mopped my floor for the first time in, like, a month. It's so pretty and clean. Thing that sucks: I have ten million other things I should be scrubbing right now. And I have never, ever vacuumed my stairs. True story. Ewww!!!

Jodi said...

My things that rock are awesome couselors like you who are still keeping an eye on me and the YW even though you are in the midst of some yucky yucky sucky stuff. I am serious! You rock. Get better soon--I can't do it without you. Just kidding, not about the getting better part. Anyway. . .

Blaire said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. I've been wanting to leave a comment for you, because your blog ROCKS but i thought you might think i was a crazy stalker.

Hope ya'll feel better soon!

Rachel said...

I agree with the shots at the Health Dept. I went there last time thinking it would be cheaper than the Dr.'s office. I was sorely mistaken. It made me really mad, especially since you have to wait so blasted long to get in! By the way the YW and YM did a great job, I think it was a nice touch having them both do it during JD's farewell.

Kristine said...

Oh man this was a great post! Sorry you guys are sick :( We've been battling a cold here. It sucks because its lasted over a week now, but it rocks because its bearable. not the kind that wipes you out and you don't want to move! I hope you all get better soon!

Amy said...

It sucks that it is 25 degrees warmer in Park City than at my house, but it rocks that I have a house with heat. Sorry to hear you all have the sickies. Winter can't be over fast enough!

Mosers said...

Sucks... driving all day to doctor appointments with 3 kids who's comfort bubbles overlap each other... rocks.. because Landen tried to bite Kaylans toes and she thought it was funny to kick him! Rocks even more... he thought it was a game!
hey we need a girls night out!!!