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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hot Mama!

My mom's birthday was last week. (She's the hottie on the left.) And of course, it's taken me this long to post about it, and of course I forgot my camera. I ROCK!

Anyway, we went out for dinner for her birthday at a yummy Chinese food place called the New Hong Kong. Their sweet and sour chicken is to die for! Then we had pie at my parents' house.

(Mmmm, pie...makes you want to come to our house this Saturday for our Pie Party, huh? COME! 7:00!!)

But I digress. Here are 10 things I love about my mom:

10. The woman never stops helping me and my sisters out. She's always doing kind things for everyone, actually.

9. She taught me well: cleaning, cooking, sewing, etc. (Not that I'm as good as my mom. Maybe after I have 30 years of house-wifery under my belt...)

8. She's so creative! She's her ward's activity committee chair, and for their fall activity they had a chili cook-off and an ugly shirt contest.

7. She's an ultra planner. She thinks of details for activities that would never even cross my mind. She's been girls' camp director several times, and it's always flawless when she's in charge.

6. My mom is the best water skier and snow skier I've ever seen, hands down. She's so graceful.

5. She's really funny when she's drugged. She had a surgery early this year when I was pregnant with Ivy, and we hadn't decided on a name yet. So when she was drugged she was like, "My nurse is named Krysti. I like that spelling. Name her Krysti!" She repeats herself a lot when she's drugged.

4. She's very artistic. She's done toll painting, and pottery, and all sorts of things that I could never even pretend to be good at.

3. She dances around while she cooks. It kind of looks like step aerobics.

2. She knows all sorts of songs and nursery rhymes and will sing them to my kids.

1. My mom has a ukulele and knows how to use it! (How many other people can say that?)

Anyway, Mom, you're super awesome and amazing, and I'm glad that you're my mom! Love you!


The Payne Gang said...

Your mom sounds so cool. Now I know where you get it!

Rachel said...

We would love to come to your pie party tomorrow, thanks for the invite! We have a family "Thanksgiving" party with my extended family tomorrow night, otherwise we would come. I hope you guys have fun!

Karlenn said...

Yay for Mom! She really is the coolest gal ever. We are lucky.