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Monday, November 10, 2008

Eat Me!

Yes, another pie post! But this time it's the report of the awesomeness that happens when you get yummy pie, cool people, and Catch Phrase in one place at one time.

Well, what is there to tell? We had a blast! And a lot of pie. We had pumpkin x3, and peach, and pecan, and cherry, and chocolate x2, and lemon meringue, and a razzle-dazzle berry (I can't remember what it was actually called, and I asked about 40 times, but it was a multi-berry kind), and cherry cheesecake. I know cheesecake doesn't technically count in the pie category, but it's still round.

After eating pie, and after banishing the kids downstairs (which I don't think they minded), the adults played Catch Phrase, men against women. Back in the day, my roommates and I would play it non-stop, and even practice with each other so we could trounce on people when we challenged them to a round. Saturday I realized I'm not nearly as good as I used to be (we got so good we'd make it so we'd have to use songs to have people guess the clues), but it was still very very awesomely fun.

Oh, and did I mention how awesome the night was? See, now all of you that read my blog that didn't come are all sorts of jealous of the pieness and the gameness and the awesomeness, huh? So, I hope you learned your lesson, and that you'll come to our next pie party, whenever that may be. My sister told me there's a national eat pie day or something like that in January, so we'll have to shoot for that.

Here's a slide show of our little night. (My apologies to those I didn't catch on camera.) Enjoy! I think I'm going to go get me some leftover pie now.


Janae said...

We planned on coming, but put a snow plow on Jay's dad's 4 wheeler and that took many more hours then we planned on. It sounded like you all had a great time

Layton Mom said...

Good times! I hope that we didn't infect you with our sickies while there. Now the entire family is sick. Very not good.

Mindy H. said...


Karlenn said...

That was a total blast. Your friends are so fun. I need to be more social. But I think I need a Room of Banishment before I can have a large group of people over. Seriously.

The Payne Gang said...

We had so much fun. Thanks again for the good time and for not mocking my store bought pie!!

Kristine said...

I'm glad it turned out so great! Sorry we missed out. Someday. ;)

suzy Q. said...

I so wanted to come! I totally would have driven up just for it if I hadn't gone to Jen's wedding, and as you read, I'm kinda glad I went! I still need to come see you guys sometime!! Maybe if you have pie night again sometime!

Amy said...

I'm glad your pie night was a success! In honor of your pie night, and because I was processing apples, I made an apple pie on Saturday. So we shared in the spirit of pie night with you. What a tasty way to get together with friends!