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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Finding Memo

We've recently been adopted. By her:

So, we decided to adopt back. She's been hanging around our house for the last week or so. I made it official Saturday night by buying some cat food and a litter box and putting it in the garage. She's super friendly and cuddly, and love love loves me and Pete. Especially Pete. And the kids love her.

We named her Memo.

She's mostly an outside cat, but my suspicions say Memo would love to be an inside cat instead. I think she's been hunting mice, though I haven't gotten any presents as of yet, thank goodness.

I'm taking her in today for shots and a "physical", if you will. Hey, she stayed around after I gave her a bath, so some little old shots shouldn't shake her affection for us. We also need to see if she'll keep a collar on.

Just thought I'd introduce you to the pet I never thought I'd own in my adult life. Good thing Memo is so self-sufficient!
Update: I realized spelling her name like that makes it look like "memo", as in an office note: "meh-moe". But it's supposed to be "mee-moe". Just FYI.


Mosers said...

Good luck with that! Shots and wormer! Our cat got put outside because Landen was allergic to her. She brings us presents/ or tokens of love every day or two... there is always a dead mouse on my front porch. :( yuck :( Anyway.. I always had a cat growing up but I don't much care for the litter box thing now that I'm older... I do like animals though and she is cute!

Mosers said...

P.S. If you bring her in... clip her claws short.. or she'll sharpen them on your mattress or couch!

Janae said...

I always had a pet growing up and I loved it, but haven't convinced myself to get one yet. She is a pretty cat. Your kids will love it.

Amy said...

Good luck with Miss Memo. I had a kitty for lots of years growing up. But knowing that Jeff and Ethan are allergic have puts cute kitties on the no-no list for our house. Happy vacuuming!

Tyson and Rachelle said...

Oh...what a cute little kitty! She sounds so nice! Are cat is a little brat!!! Anyway, I love reading your fun!

Automobile Birdsinger said...

Tee, hee! You have a pet!:) I think it's great!:)

Karlenn said...

Oh, she is so cute! So how did it go today? Did you find the place and get 'er done? I think you should keep her a total inside cat. That can go outside if she wants. Because she so obviously wants to cuddle so much.

lexykay said...

it's like butch has re-incarnated and has found you again
prec. "presh" just so you can sound it out :)

Darling Details said...

I never thought I'd see the day a Petersen would have a family pet. We tried it for a few short months a couple of years ago, but it was too hard at the time. I'm still hoping to get another dog in the future, but Mike doesn't think so. BTW, I totally pronounced it right! Memo. I thought, just like nemo...I was right! Am I in "mommy-dom" or what! I didn't even think the office memo.