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Monday, November 3, 2008

For Future Reference...

Two-year-olds and scissors and curtains are not a good combination, because this is the result:

When you tell your husband to get a shirt for your son, make sure before taking off the tags that the shirt is a boy's shirt: (See the gathering on the sleeves? Don't ask me why Pete didn't notice it when he bought it, or why I didn't notice it until he had had it on for most of the day.)

(Of course, shirts can be optional in our house, especially when the couch is a "swimming pool") :

And maybe the key to this many smiles in one picture is to keep the kids up late and feed them lots of candy. I'll have to remember that for our picture appointment this coming weekend.


Karlenn said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Your poor curtains! And what's up with the toothbrush holder??? Troy broke a couple of those, too? Man, he is seriously a whirling dervish. And I'm excited for your picture extravaganza this weekend. I still need to get Sadie's three-year-old pictures taken... sigh. Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man's world... as Abba would say.

suzy Q. said...

Looks like you are continuing to have adventures there in Idaho Falls! I can't believe Pete got a girls shirt...that's kinda funny!

Amy said...

Oh wow! The adventures continue. Sorry about your curtains. I've never had a michievious kid like Troy- at least he's dang cute. I'm sure his looks have saved him more than once in his short life. Hang in there Nat- and good luck with the pictures this weekend. Sugar them up!!

CHELZERS said...

those curtains have just been through way more than one set of curtains should ever have to endure. LOL