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Monday, November 3, 2008

All Hallows' Even

Halloween was mucho funo this year, but I'm glad it's over! It was so busy for me, and we didn't even carve pumpkins! (I know, I'm such a slacker. The Scrooge of Halloween, if you will.)

The night of, Arin and I took our kids around trick-or-treating, which took forever because the kids were going so slow! We went to Arin's for cookies and hot cocoa, then headed to my parents' place and met up with Kar and her family while there.

Here are the bubbas. It's so funny how different they are! Micah is a skinny winny with cute little dimples and long spindly legs, and Ivy is a chunky monkey that smiles with her mouth wide open. They are both just so dang cute!

Here are Jakob and Dylan in their superhero/action figure costumes. Dyl was Bumblebee, and Jakob was Ironman. Sadie was already out of her Little Mermaid costume, and Brock and Troy went as Toto and Scarecrow, respectively (of which you've already seen pictures).

Here's Jakob the day of his class party. They weren't allowed to wear masks at school, so we decided to paint his face and color his hair instead. (By the way, the only way we could get him to be Tin Man with the family is if we struck a deal where he could be Ironman at school and trick-or-treating. It worked for me.) He insisted that Ironman's eyes are blue on his mask, so don't think that he pulled a Troy or something.

I'm one of the room mothers, so that means we did the Halloween party at school. Some of the timing of the activities didn't work out so well, but it was a first time for both Stephanie and me, so now we know a little better what to do.

We had the kids do different activity centers. They made spider treats with SnowBall treats and pretzels, we had a ghost walk (think cake walk), they decorated pumpkin faces with crayons and craft foam, we did a spider toss (tossing the spider rings into cups), and played trick-or-treat (if you pull out the word "trick" you had to do something like hop on one foot, make a silly face, act like a chicken, etc.; if you pulled out "treat" then you just got a treat).

Those little Kindergartners are so cute!

Yes, Halloween was a lot of fun, but I'm glad it's a whole year before we do it again!


Karlenn said...

I love those game ideas! Those kids must have had an absolute blast. Good work! Very creative. Oh, I LOVE that picture of Micah and Ivy! Gonna have to steal it and put it on my blog-a-rama.

suzy Q. said...

SO CUTE!!! I love the pic of Micah and Ivy! There really is a big difference between them, but they are both soooo cute!

Amy said...

I was a party mom too this year, but I signed up to HELP and got asked to do the whole thing. Oh well... it went great and all the kids had fun. What a great idea to paint the mask on Jake's face. That would have been a cool idea for Ethan. Maybe next year.

CHELZERS said...

Cute! You don't seem too scrooge-y at all! :)