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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

This Thanksgiving, I’m definitely grateful for a lot of things.  And in no particular order, they are:
My red-eye removal feature, which turns my demon-looking children into nice, normal kids.  I’m grateful for my kids’ baby blues that I get to edit with technology.
3-11-08 015 - Copy3-11-08 015
I’m grateful for these little punks.  They keep me on my feet, give me laughter throughout the day, and help me become a better me by making me less selfish.  I’m grateful for the messes they make because it means I have a house to clean and keep me warm, and food enough to spill and we won’t starve when it gets all over the eternally sticky floor.
I’m grateful for this sweet thing, that’s only rolled over twice, but can totally sit forever.  I’m grateful when she screams, because it means she has spirit and energy, and she’s healthy.  I’m grateful for her smiles and laughter.
I’m grateful for my little family.  (Ignore me and Pete; this picture isn’t so hot of us.  But the kids look great, eh?) 
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Mindy H. said...

You have great things to be thankful for and I am thankful that I get to snoop on your favorite things via your blog!

Jennifer said...

CUTE picture Nat! I really love the one of Ivy. So cute!! Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Rachel said...

I think that everybody looks great in the picture!

suzy Q. said...

Love the pictures! You're kids are all smiley and happy, that is wonderful! Ivy is getting so big and cute! WOW! Hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving!!

Amy said...

Your pictures all turned out so great! It looks like a successful trip to the photographers (again)! I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving. I totally missed seeing you, but I totally understand!! I hope your weekend is wonderful!

Karlenn said...

Hey, I'm eating a piece of your pecan pie right now, and I gotta say that it is awesome. Yumm. Your pictures turned out great. I love the green theme. Nicely done! We desperately need one of our family. Sigh.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What adorable pictures! Thanks for sharing :) ♥ Hugs!

Layton Mom said...

Your liitle punks are so cute! When you look at a picture like that it is hard to imagine their punkiness. Then, you look a little closer and you can see their next experiment brewing. Hee-hee!

Jodi said...

Soo so cute! I am so behind on blog commenting. I read all the time, but I just don't get to comment as often. I love your pictures.