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Monday, November 24, 2008

Eye Candy

Pete is always asking me if I think So-and-So actor or actress is hot, and what percentage they're hot versus when they aren't, like when the camera catches them at a bad angle. And when I say that So-and-So isn't hot, I always come up blank when Pete then asks me who is hot. So this post is for Pete, but everyone else can look too, because let's face it-I'm going to be putting up some way hot hotties in one concentrated location.

Oh, and I'm going to make this into a tag, because I'm curious as to other people's hottie preferences. The categories are: TV actor, Movie actor, Classic actor, Music artist, and Opposite Sex actor. I'm going purely with looks here, not personal choices or movie roles or whatever. And I'm going to tag Kar, Lex, Beej, Suzy, Pete, and whoever else wants to do this, which means you should do it if you're on my blog roll! (Mindy and Arin, I'm looking at you! Oh, and if you're a guy-Pete-then obviously you'd choose women for these categories and a man for the last category.)

TV actor: Justin Hartley. He plays Green Arrow on Smallville. And I seriously think he's the best thing to happen to that show. All together now: yummy!

Runner up: Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester on Supernatural.

Also, I find it ironic that I picked two guys from shows that I never even watch.

Movie actor: Johnny Depp. Even when he's wearing guy-liner as a pirate he's hot. I've always kind of had a thing for him since Benny and Joon.


Okay, I had to swoon for a minute there.

Runner up: Denzel Washington.

Classic actor: Marlon Brando. Not so much from his Godfather days, but more in his Guys and Dolls, Streetcar Named Desire days.

Runner up: Rock Hudson.

Seriously, the men actors back in the day make today's actors look like wusses.

Music Artist: Justin Timberlake. I'm glad he moved away from the curly 'fro.

Runner up: Usher. I mean, is a 10-pack possible? Because I think he has one.

Opposite Sex Actress: Grace Kelly. She's just so stunning. It's a shame she didn't act for longer than she did. She had to go off and get all princessey.

Runner up: Katherine Heigl. She's on Grey's Anatomy. She's a bit broke down on the show (they all are), but she's always va-va-voom on the Red Carpet.

So there you have it, my current famous hotties list! Now let's hear-and see-yours!


Karlenn said...

Cute and fun! I'm on it! After I jog... Blah.

Janae said...

You are always so entertaining! I would take the tag on, but I can never think on the spot like that.
Oh, you gave a great lesson yesterday too.

Mindy H. said...

Thanks so much for that refreshing taste of eye was a nice treat after a long day.

I kind of liked Justin's 'fro... although I agree that he is much, much hotter now.

Mike said...

Now are these in the 100% club (meaning they're 100% hot all the time)?