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Monday, November 10, 2008

Here a Tooth, There a Tooth

Another first for Jakob: a lost tooth!

Notice the puffy eyes that still have tears in them. Not from pain, but from fear. Jakob's tooth was really loose, and his new tooth was pushing its way in already. He was just really unsure about the whole process. But when we promised him ice cream for letting me pull it out, he became more pro-toothless.

So Friday night I pulled it out, we got ice cream from Leatherby's (Jakob's was chocolate), and the Tooth Fairy visited that night. The next day we found a toy to buy with the Tooth Fairy money: an Etch-a-Sketch.

In other tooth news, Ivy's been working on her first ones, and boy! she's having a hard time! The poor thing. Hopefully they'll come soon for her so she can be happy and sleep well again.


Mindy H. said...

That is so cool that you have two tooth firsts from both ends of the oral spectrum going on in your household. I am impressed that you little guy was willing to get his tooth yanked...I was never that brave (even for ice cream...and I really like ice cream).

Karlenn said...

Yeah, I remember being really freaked out about losing teeth. Your kids are such early teeth milestone people! I think Micah might be working on his molars. He keeps chewing on his finger way back there. We'll see. That would be so weird, for him to get molars before bottom teeth. But I'll bet you a million bucks he won't get his first teeth until he turns one. That's how my kids roll.

Kristine said...

Congratulations Jakob!! I don't know how to pull a kids tooth out. You're brave!

Good luck with poor Ivy :( Teething sucks.

suzy Q. said...

I remember one time when we lived in Washington my dad had to chase me around my room and have someone hold me so he could pull my very very very loose tooth. It didn't even really hurt, but I was so freaked out about it!

Amy said...

Ethan has had me pull all seven of his teeth out so far. But on the last one he gave it a good try by himself first. He's all about the tooth fairy money- no ice cream required.