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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Third Arm

My Brock has always enjoyed carrying things around. I don't know if it's because he likes putting things in containers, or he's carrying stuff so his brothers won't take it from him. A little of both maybe.

Last year we bought two Spiderman backpacks. One I had to cut open when the zipper broke. The other, which Brock had for a while, had a huge hole in the top and the fabric was literally pulling apart and falling off if you even breathed on it. I made a little backpack out of Lightning McQueen material for Brock, with a drawstring top and back straps. But apparently that wasn't good enough.

So we got Brock a Batman backpack. He hasn't been separated from it since. It's in his bed with him while he's asleep. He eats with it on. The only time it's off is during bath time (it sits on the rug) and when he's going potty. Here he is at breakfast:

Yes, it's huge for him. And he puts SOOO much stuff in there! I think it weighs as much as he does. Here's the mass of toys I found in it one night.

Well, I noticed that the bottom was already starting to get holes in it. Something about him taking it outside. Oh, and the fact that it weighs a million pounds. So a couple of nights ago I had to separate Brock from his beloved Third Arm while I attempted to fix it. You should have seen his face when I explained to him why he couldn't take it to bed with him. But he got that trusting look in his eyes (he's had that look since birth-really), and let me keep it out while he went to bed without it.

Here's a picture of the inside. You can see the awesome plastic cracking, and the holes starting at the seams.

So in all my crafty glory, I hot glued old jeans into the bottom of the bag. I did a double layer on the bottom and glued the top layer about halfway up on either side. Hopefully that will hold together for the next little bit. And hey, it's on the inside, so no one can see how craptastic my patch/glue job actually is.

Brock was ecstatic the next morning to have his bag fixed-I mean, to have his Third Arm back.


Mosers said...

You are so crafty! I want a sign on my wall that says..

Fix it up.. Wear it out..
Make it do...or do without!!

I'll have to remember this for when I need to fix something again.

Aprillium said...

ooooo old jeans! Niiiice :) totally sturdy enough for at least a while :)

Mindy H. said...

Wow. You are, like, the Macgyver of the Mommy world! Nice work!

Karlenn said...

Nice patching job, Nattles! I patched up Ben's two pairs of jeans the other day, and it took a thousand years, so I decided that Dylan's pants will have to continue with holes in the knees. I just do NOT have that kind of time. And then Ben's one pair's zipper broke. Now, I can sew patches on stuff. But zippers? Heck no. Those went into the garbage. Now he's down to one pair of badly-patched jeans. Poor guy.

Amy said...

Be glad it's a cool backpack and not a purse. Maybe by now there are some awesome clearance backpacks out there. You could put some in your food storage. It seems like the character ones are always cheapy. I made Ethan get a plain one in second grade so it would last longer.