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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Just so you know, this is a "toot my own horn" post. Being a mom with three little busy boys, I don't "get ahead" all that much, meaning I feed and clothe and change my boys, and myself occasionally, and that's about it. And usually I cook dinner, meaning I throw a few ingredients into a pot or pan, none of this "pull the skin back and brush the glaze onto the chicken" kind of cooking. Those kinds of recipes I throw out. If I ever attempt to get ahead, I usually discover a new mess from my children somewhere else. One day I decided to vacuum out my car (get ahead), and came in and found smeared poop all over the bathroom. No joke. But...
Yesterday I actually CAUGHT UP with my laundry, meaning there aren't even clothes waiting for me in a basket to be folded. AND I mopped my kitchen and bathroom floors. I had forgotten that linoleum is shiny. Whenever there's a sticky spot or 20 on the floor, I try to step on them multiple times, hoping that enough sock lint will stick and then I don't have to think about mopping all that often. But the sock lint trick had stopped working, so it had to be done. Last night I even cleaned the kitchen after dinner. And wiped off the table and counters. I was on a roll.

But here's the Supermom part of yesterday. Jakob got a Power Ranger costume for Christmas, and he was putting it in and taking it out of his Spiderman backpack all day. Word to the wise: don't ever buy a backpack that's around $7. Because even if you think a pre-schooler won't use it all that much, they find ways, and it just won't hold up. He zipped it up, and the zipper part came off completely. Hysterics ensued, but Mom came to the rescue. I had bought some fabric in a feeble attempt to organize our toy tornado back in November, but just hadn't actually gotten around to making the bags yet. So I looked super awesome and clever when I produced Power Ranger fabric out of my closet for my teary-eyed boy. We had to cut the Spiderman backpack open to get his stuff; au revoir, Spidey! And I made a bag for him. It pretty much looks like a purse, but I won't tell if you won't. He went to bed happy, and so did I.

Today I'm back to my alter-ego, Nat. And that's okay, because dang, cooking a bun in the oven is Supermom enough for me most days. (26 weeks along tomorrow!)


Karlenn said...

Wow. I am very, very impressed! Maybe you're finally getting into that second trimester/clean everything phase. Now that you're almost into your third trimester! :) I'd like to get into the second trimester/clean everything phase myself, but alas, it hasn't hit yet. The desire is there, but the body just cannot do it!

April said...

"I Jus Cannut Doit Cap'n"

:) I totally know how THAT feels.