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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things I Can't Get Enough Of Today

The Good "Can't Get Enough" List:

Butterfinger. Curse you, Pete, for buying them! (But not really, because I had Ramen for lunch. I need something of substance in me today.)
Kristy's writing. I don't know why this girl isn't published yet! She's posting a story right now. She's put up 4 of 5 parts. Here is part 1; here's part 2; here's part 3; here's part 4. Seriously. Can't get enough!

And the "I've Definitely Had Enough" List:

Troy's messes. The kid just doesn't stop.

The whining. "Mom, I'm just hungry!" "You ate 10 minutes ago, though." "But Mooooooommmm..."

Holding Ivy until she falls asleep, then one of the boys coming over to me and waking her up, then she starts crying and won't go back to sleep. It's awesome.

(At least I have my Butterfinger(s) to help me out today.)


April said...

I can totally relate... I took my kids down to the river today... HAHAHA. Nice try mom. Goober kept running into Missy with the razor scooter, Missy kept driving Energizer Bunny's stroller off the path, and the Energixer Bunny kept dropping his sippy cup... UGH. Then if that wasn't enough I had to take them ALL into the ultra nasty public bathroom bacause Goober decided it was time to tell me LAST MINUTE that he needed to use the potty.... and when I decided I'd had enough.... he whined at me ALL THE WAY HOME.

Loverly, Loverly.

Think I'll go eat some chocolate and try to ignore the fact that I really should be figuring out what we are having for dinner... :P

Rachel said...

I was just telling Reid that I have a real problem when it comes to chocolate. I also love butterfingers, they are my favorite, and also the worst. I bought a bag of minis for Halloween and they are already gone! Not good!

suzy Q. said... good! This lady at work always has the bite sized ones there...too tempting!

Layton Mom said...

I am just glad I am not the only one that has those kind of days. Beleive it or not I had a rather good day. Oh wait, that's because my dear hubby took the "big" kids to Boise with him. Hooray for being able to get something done!

Kristine said...

I love Butterfingers! But Uggg. I had chicken nuggets, string cheese, and peas for lunch - with the boys of course... yum.

Kristine said...

So who is Cordy? I just read her blog and I'm addicted! She is hilarious but probably doesn't mean to be. I'm curious now :)

Mindy H. said...

May your weekend be full of butterfingers and devoid of messes and prematurely awakened babies.

Thanks for your post. You always make me smile :)

Amy said...

Chocolate is always on my can't get enough of list, but it probably shouldn't be. Sorry that the boys wake up Ivy. My kids have a knack for that too- waking up K I mean. She is barely asleep; I am almost ready to lay her down; then a fight breaks out. Sheesh! You are definitely not the only one.

Karlenn said...

Ew, Butterfingers are gross. Blah. I can relate to the "sick of messes" thing. Sadie is driving me nuts. I had to clean up three drink spills yesterday alone.

Automobile Birdsinger said...

so I am new to this whole blogging thing, and I don't know if you can just e-mail your blog without commenting on a specific thing. Anywhos- check out this blog..

So sad. Once I found the actual recovery page, I was crying like a baby, right in the middle of work!

Becky said...

Mmm... Butterfinger!

I'm not sure what the problem is the messes, though. You no likey? :)