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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pennies from Heaven

On Sunday my sisters and mom and I went to my grandma's grave. My sisters and I hadn't been there since her funeral, two years ago.

My grandma and grandpa used to go for walks, and whenever she saw a penny, she would pick it up, and say it was a "penny from heaven". I found the lyrics to the song "Pennies from Heaven". Basically it talks about how we have to have rainclouds in order to enjoy the sun. But I like my grandma's version better: she said if you found a penny it meant that someone in heaven was thinking about you.

So now people put pennies on her gravestone. So sweet.

Anyway, my grandma basically was the most perfect person to walk this earth. We talked about her a little bit, how she never said anything bad about anyone EVER. And how sweet and kind she was. She had arthritis, and before she died she could barely breathe. But she never complained about the pain that she was in.

My grandma wrote her memories down, which were actually really interesting to read. She was born in 1930, and grew up on a farm. They made their own butter and everything. (It's amazing the difference 78 years makes.) She also wrote little tributes to all her grandchildren. Wanna know what she said about me?

She said of all her grandchildren, I'm the most like her.

Wow. I take that as an extreme compliment. Everyone loved my grandma.


I also take it as a challenge almost. I want to be as amazing as my grandma, but I'm not close to that at all. I complain about my kids, if I even have a headache I'm whining about it. And the list of flaws goes on and on. Long story short: I know where I am at now, I have someone that I want to emulate. I just need to get started on getting there. I just need to start small and work my way up. a penny.


Mosers said...

I think your great...besides... it takes a long time to be as good as our grandparents were... I'll be happy if I'm half of what my granny was when I'm her age! That's why we have energy when we are try harder...mastered by the time we are old and have no energy left :)

Karlenn said...

I agree with Mosers. I think that we get more perfected as we get older. Mainly. Except for Ben's grandpa. :) Hahaha! Anyways... I just think of Gordon B. and the gang and how great they are - they have had like 80 years to get to that point!

suzy Q. said...

Nat, you rock and I am sure you will do your grandma proud! That is so neat to have that goal and idea in mind of where you what you want to do with life!

Layton Mom said...

You are great but it is always nice to have an example to look to. If we didn't complain sometimes we wouldn't be human. Even the most perfect women have hard times and you just can't keep it all in. You are an amazing woman and mother!

Automobile Birdsinger said...

I LOVE THIS POST! Your grandmother sounds so amazing!:)