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Monday, September 1, 2008

What ARE You?

This is possibly the weirdest Happy Meal toy we've ever gotten.

I don't think George Lucas had anything like this in mind when Princess Leia was created.

Jakob immediately "shared" his toy with me. So generous.

Carrie Fisher would be embarrassed.

It has little wheels on the bottom, but they're too little to make it actually roll somewhere.

It's not really a bobble head toy, either. The head barely even twists side to side.

Maybe they're trying to dissuade kids from going to Clone Wars.

It's a little disturbing. It's a little creepy. It's... hmm.


Mosers said...

I think they take overstock items from other toys and just piece things together to "make a profit" or else you could look at it that they are doing the "green" thing and not wasting extra parts? :)

April said...

Ummmm is she a cyborg? wow... what is that THING she is supposed to be .er. sitting in?

Kristine said...

Hilarious! We got another 'clone' today at McD's. The weirdo is a bobble head with a light saber that barely lights up. Josh did play with it for a little while, but I agree - super dumb!!

Karlenn said...

Are you serious? I thought it was a concoction your kids did - putting her head on a lego, or something. Wow. They need to hire a new guy-who-comes-up-with-Happy-Meal-toys.