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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Buried Treasure

I decided to vacuum out my couch today.

Here's what I found:

tons of unidentifiable food
Spiderman cell phone
two pink and one elephant ears for Mr. Potato Head
several crumpled coloring pages
a quarter (I'm rich!)
many many cars of various shapes and sizes
a barrette
a purple dinosaur (not Barney)
lots of wrappers
a coin to our cash register toy
two Spiderman figurines
heaps of color crayons
a wooden spoon
a toothbrush belonging to no one in my family

What a treasure trove of goodies! Well, and junk. And my vacuum is completely full of crumbs. But my couch is free of debris for at least the next two minutes before my kids lose something else in there. Hurray!


Karlenn said...

A toothbrush belonging to no one in your family! Ewww! And funny! Sounds like my couch, which I need to still wash the covers of.

Kristine said...

Wow! You should feel so proud of yourself for accomplishing that today! Way to go!

Arin said...

Speaking of lots of cars, Jayce left a little white Speed Racer one at your house last week. I forgot all about it but he reminded me today that he needed to go to Brock's to get his car back. Have you seen such a car at your house?

chelzers said...

That's so relatable. I don't even want to look under my cushions....scary.
Way to go!

Amy said...

Jackpot! How are you so lucky to get all that? I usually find a few Legos and crumbs- which is really odd because there is absolutely NO EATING on our new couches in our family room on our still new carpet. Must be some random intruder that just wants to eat on the couch and plant crumbs to get my children in trouble. Wierd. I guess I should look into that.

Mosers said...

LOL!!! I had my hubby do that and the worst was a crumpled pop tart...ewww!