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Monday, September 1, 2008

And Grubby's My Friend, Too...

This is the current state of our lawn. Pathetic. Sad. Awful.

What, that's not enough for you? Okay, here's a close-up. Lovely.

Here's a chunk of our grass that I "pulled" up. More like scraped up. Notice something unusual? Um, that would be no roots to the grass. (I'm using the term "grass" very loosely.)

Wanna know why? Behold, our new "pets". These are the babies.

And these are the proud parents that have completely ruined our lawn. Grubs. The adults aren't much bigger than the babies; hence us not seeing these awesome creatures at work decimating our entire yard.
So. Now that the damage is done and these little guys are finished for the year, we get to fix the problem. We can't kill 'em till next spring. Grrr. But in the meantime, we get to do a whole lotta this:
Followed by this:
So that someday, maybe possibly, we could dream about having a yard like this:
Well, at least I don't feel as bad about my yard. I thought it was all our fault. I guess it still kind of is for not recognizing the problem earlier. But now we know, right?

And this is a shout-out to my little sister, Brianna. She had a Teddy Ruxpin when she was little. It didn't last very long, because she would feed it food. If you don't know what a Teddy Ruxpin is, it's basically a stuffed animal tape player. It's mouth would open and shut in time with the tape, like it was talking or singing. He had a friend named Grubby. Whoever came up with that obviously didn't own a lawn.


Beej said...

AWESOME!!! You are the best! When I saw the name of your post I knew exactly what you were referring to. Do you remember when you changed the word of the song.
"Oh Teddy Ruxpin is my friend." "Shut up Grubby. And Grubby's my friend, too." "Shut up Teddy Ruxpin!"
It used to make me soooo mad. Because they were both my friends (yes, I was and still am a loser with little to no friends except for the imaginary ones) and they would never say that to each other.
Do you remember how he died? I was feeding him bread and red hots in his moving mouth. Yep. I killed him. It was ME!
We should all take a moment of silence and remember Teddy. And all of our adventures together.
Yay for nostalgia! That was fun. Thanks Nat!! Sorry about your yard. :(

Nat said...

Oh, I totally remember doing the "shut up, Teddy Ruxpin" thing with Christine G.! I remember we opened him up and there was sooo much food stuck in him! So funny you fed him.

Mindy H. said...

I'm sorry about your lawn but oh my gosh that Teddy Ruxpin connection was funny! I love the way your brain works. Good luck getting rid of the grubs next year. Maybe you could seed your lawn with red hots. If they killed off Teddy, they might just be the silver bullet for Grubby and co. too.

Mosers said...

Soo sorry about the grass... I know a lot of people have had a hard time with them in our neighborhood...Eagan's Green House has the stuff! Maybe you could seed now and treat it in the spring and the seeds will root in the spring? I'm not an expert though!

Kristine said...

I hate grubs!!! We had some last year, but luckily caught them early enough. Good luck fixing the problem :(

Karlenn said...

Oh my gosh!! Mystery solved! That sucks. Ew. I love the Grubby's My Friend Too connection. I didn't know that's how Teddy died! I just figured Beads got sick of it and threw it out. That mystery is solved, as well.

lexykay said...

i looooved that teddy bear! even after brianna killed it we held onto it but after it would just play the tape and stare at you without its mouth moving... it was creepy. i sold it at a garage sale... :)