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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Parents Becoming More Awesome and Giving (If That's Possible)

Here's my dad:

He's truly amazing. And he has an amazing yard. It's like...Eden. If there was some sort of immaculate gorgeous yard contest, his would win hands down. (Our yard is the antithesis of his yard.) Anyway, I don't know if Dad was actually planning on getting rid of these bushes, or if he decided our yard needed some love, but he donated two big bushes to us. They're so beautiful.

In related yard-resuscitating news, my mom bought some killer-literally-weed spray. It's super expensive stuff, but worked wonders-the weeds shriveled up in a matter of a couple of days.

My mom:

She's the eternal do-gooder. When I talked of food storage, we do have more than just the purchases I made the other day; those are the first purchases that I've personally made in obtaining a year's worth of food. My mom is the canning master, and has given us some canned peaches. (So we can have yeasty peaches. And then brush our teeth some more.) She has spent the last week canning 5 million peaches for me, my sister, her, and my grandpa. How nice is that?

So thanks, Mom and Dad, for being so giving and kind and helpful. You guys ROCK!!


Karlenn said...

Yeah, they are amazing. I had to write two thank-you notes to them for all the stuff they did for us this summer. Because all of the goodness didn't fit onto one card! Seriously! I'm excited to eat those peaches. Yummm...

Mosers said...

Will your mommy adopt me and then do me some canning too??? ;) That is awesome... Yeah for moms and dads!!!