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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm a Winner!!

Apparently my blog rules. According to Kristy. And she rules, so that's all the confirmation I need.

Anyway, she "nominated" me for having an awesome blog. And now I get to put this little sticker-like thingy (except it's not sticky, because it's virtual) on my blog, telling everyone else how cool my blog is and how cool I am. It's a good deal.
So here's the lowdown:
1. The winner (whoever I nominate) gets to put this same little sticker thingy on their blog. It's like the cool club or something.
2. Link back to me, because it's all about internet traffic and about getting more visits to your own blog and to other's. A giving tree of sorts.
3. Nominate 7 other blogs. (This part is going to be hard for me because there are so many stinking good ones out there that I read.)
4. Link up to said awesome blogs.
5. Leave a message on those blogs so they can get all flustered and butterfly-ey and blushy like I did when Kristy left a comment saying she nominated me.

And the nominees are: (drumroll...)
Mindy. She's my sister's sister-in-law. So it's like we're totally related. We went to the same high school. She's an amazing writer, and so freaking funny! She even writes articles for the Ensign. I think she should write books for a living instead of teaching sevies about them.

April. She such a deep thinker. My blog is like the kiddy pool; her's is the ocean in deepness. She's very expressive and political (which is good because I'm an anti-politic-ite, so she brings the ideas and issues to my lazy butt). And she has cute kids.

Chelsey. She has triplet girls. And still finds time to blog about them. Truly amazing.

Ralphie. If you wanna see the most gorgeous girls in the best pictures in the universe, go check out her site. She's also gorgeous. And did I mention the camera skills? She's like...Camera Barbie. (Yeah, a little jealous of the camera skills, and the Barbieness.)

Kar. Three cute kids, very cute blog. She's, like, 10 times busier than I am and manages to blog twice as much.

Beej. This girl makes me jealous with all her amazing adventures. She's so open and eloquent in her blog. And when her hubby, Spencer, blogs, he cracks me up. (He's Mindy's brother. Must run in the family.)

Lex. She complains about having two blog readers. She definitely needs more! (Go check her out, because she's stinking hilarious, too.)

Man, I wish I could nominate more, but alas. Anyway, enjoy reading these awesome blogs as much as I do!


chelzers said...

awww, shucks! {{blushing}}
That is so nice of you! I'm sooo undeserving though. Just so you know, I wouldn't have felt bad if you didn't pick me... but I am glad you did! :D
Now, I will re-read the instructions (about 8 more times) and figure out what I'm supposed to do...I promise I will get to it :D

April said...

Oh sure... you linky to me right as I blog about....

My counter. mmmmm Deep :)

Karlenn said...

Aw, now I'm all flustered and butterfly-ey and blushy! :) (Did you nominate me just because I'm your sister? Hmmm?) Well, I guess now I need to finally learn how to put links on my blog.

Ralphie said...

If I'm Barbie then your Meg, my little red headed friend.

Thanks for the thumbs up Nat! You're the rocken-est blogger ever!