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Thursday, September 4, 2008

College Memories (Or, Don't Know How I Passed Half My Classes Because I Was Playing Too Much)

My cute cute sister just transferred to a different school. She's a junior now, and by the sound of it, having a blast while there. She tagged me for telling of times we did crazy things in college. Seriously, where do I begin?

My freshman roommate and I were up "studying" for a test we both had the next day. And we both drank super caffeine drinks at, like, 10 at night. "Hyper" doesn't really cover it. I folded myself in half, tucking my legs under my head. Then I stuck my hands together. My roommate carried me around by my arms like a basket at 2 in the morning and showed everyone on the floor. Some people didn't think it was as funny as we thought it was.

Highlighting boys' hair, dressing them up in our clothes...

Of course snow fights and water fights and food fights and pen fights...

One night some guys we were hanging out with decided to act like Veloca Raptors the entire night. We went to Taco Bell. They snapped their teeth at the ladies taking their orders, and did the short arm thing. It was hilarious. Of course, there were about 8 of us, all packed into a 2-door car.

We wanted to make brownies, but accidentally dumped the mix onto the floor a little. We were making them for boys, anyway, so we added extra "ingredients"-lint, egg shells, dirt, whatever we could find.

The same brownie night, we acted like we were on a scavenger hunt through the guys' cooking dorms for brownie stuff. We just wanted to meet the guys.

We stole couch cushions and chairs from our guy friends' apartment. At 2 a.m.

Jenga or Twister with Consequences. Whoever lost had to go through the Spanking Machine-crawling under everyone's legs in a line while they spank the loser's butt.

Writing our names with our butts in the air. Also a 2 a.m. activity. (I think we rarely went to bed before 2 a.m.)

One night some guys came in with ski masks and totally kidnapped me. Drove me around blindfolded and dumped me off at some chick's house that I didn't even know. Weird.

We cooked s'mores over the stovetop. It doesn't really work.

One day we snuck into our friends' apartment and waited for them to get home so we could jump out and scare them. Totally didn't work-they were boys.

There was endless bowling and ice cream and dancing on the tables at a school dance. We hiked and campfired in the canyon. We decorated rooms and t.p.'d and spied on the neighbors across the parking lot with our lights off.

One week we didn't feel like cooking, so we convinced different apartments of guys to cook for us. It totally lasted all week. We had some serious flirting skills. Or begging skills.

One night we snuck into Old Main and went up into the very top of the tower that was restricted.

So, there ya go. A peek into the funnest four years ever! I hereby tag Pete and Kristine. They were both there for part of the party I like to call my "college education". Worth every penny, Dad!


Isaac said...

Hey Pete and Nat; were you there when I was kicked out of a USU football game for throwing tortillas onto the field? I was humiliated! I think Todd, Logan, and Kristine were among those who watched me be escorted out by cops. Ahhh, those were the days!!! Just a little insight into Isaac: I haven't grown up any since then. Not that this was ever in question :)

Karlenn said...

Hey, I spied on across-the-parking-lot neighbors with my lights off, too! That's so funny! Your escapades made me laugh.

Amy said...

You were quite the wild woman back then- it is amazing what 4 kids can do to help settle you down. My college days were much more subdued than yours. I got married after my second year- and the crazy, single excitement ended. Not that there was much to begin with!

Logan said...

In reference to Isaac's comment - I was the tortilla supplier... Sorry about that. I didn't really know you then either (it may have been the first time we met).
Yeah, good times. USU's football team wasn't ever great, so we had to come up with something to stay entertained. Sorry it was you that got the boot...
But, yeah, as for something that I did in college (that didn't involve feces), boy. I am at a loss.
I was made a true Aggie by my good friend's girlfriend. Natalie, you were there.
I guess there was the pudding drop at a ward party.
Oh, and anyone who may have been working at the Hollywood Video by Macey's. There may or may not have been a surprise in the night drop box on some random morning... (it was hamburger, you sickos!)

Kristine said...

Oh dear Natalie! I laughed so hard! Mostly because I can picture you doing each of the above things! I'm going have to get working on this post. It may take me awhile :)

suzy Q. said... are so crazy/brave. I need to take lessons from you, Nat. Me and my friends don't do fun/crazy stuff like that! Although we did play at Walmart a lot when I lived up in Logan...that was fun. I miss living in Logan with you and B there...that was a ton of fun for me, even if it was only a year...