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Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm probably the last person in the United States to finish reading all the Twilight books. I didn't have any interest in reading past Book 1, but then Pete wanted to, and I thought why not? So I did.

I'm glad I did.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!! Don't read any more unless you want the ending ruined. Pete, this means you!

Honestly, these books didn't do for me what they apparently did for everyone else. I wasn't so addicted and enthralled with them as much as many other people were. They were a nice mindless read. I found the story interesting. I enjoyed books 3 and 4 way more than 1 and 2.

Jacob bugged the crap out of me, especially in book 3. I had heard he narrated part of book 4, which I was dreading, but I actually tolerated it way better than I thought I would.

I'm glad Stephenie Meyer didn't ruin the wedding scene. I kept waiting for something bad to happen, for Jacob to run in and "I object", for...something. I was really glad they just got married.

The Volturi really weren't scary to me. Even Aro. Pete was like, "He was way creepy in book 2." I just thought of him as kind of slimy. And when they led those tourists down there to eat them, I just shrugged in my head and said, "Well, a vampire's gotta eat." Kind of a weird reaction compared to how other people reacted to it.

I liked Bella's "ability". Pretty cool.

A lot of the events seemed predictable to me. I knew that Jacob was going to imprint on Reneesme. I knew that Alice hadn't run away, but was on some kind of mission and would show up during the confrontation.

Reneesme is the dumbest name in the universe. When Bella told her dad that the middle name was Carlie, for Carlisle and Charlie, I thought, "Cute! Love it! Why isn't that the first name???" Reneesme is...Ren (like from Ren and Stimpy) Ay (like the greeting Fonzie from "Happy Days" says-"Aaaaaayyyyyy!") Smee (like Captain Hook's first mate).



The movie...don't know if I'm going to see it. Of course, it has Cedric Diggory in it. YUMMY. I probably will, though, since they're bumping back the release date of Harry Potter 6 movie. Very Grrr about that.

So, overall, it was a fine series. But I think I'm going to reread me some Harry Potter now.


The Staker Family said...

so I didn't actually read your blog because I have not read them yet. I started to read Twilight and Allan stole it from me. He has now finished all four and I haven't started back on Twilight yet. Oh well, busy life of a mom right? He liked the stories but got tired of hearing how beautiful Edward is. I tell him that's what you get when you read teeny-bopper books for little girls.

suzy Q. said...

Yeah, I liked Twilight and will go see the movie, but as cool as Edward is, he's got nothing on Jason of the main characters of my story ha ha ha...but yeah. Glad you read them, I liked 3 and 4 so much better. Midnight Sun would have been so much cooler than Twilight in my opinion...Stephanie Meyer posted the transcript on her website after the whole leak thing was pretty good for only being half the book.

Tyson and Rachelle said...

Hey you! So I just started reading the Twilight series! Had to see what all the fuss was about. I am enjoying to so far! And I just have to say I love your family pic! So cute!

Mosers said...

I enjoyed twilight... but find the detail, setting, scene, and entire all of harry potter much more interesting!

Amy said...

I haven't read any of them, and am not sure if I will. Maybe if I get bored and need something mindless to read. So far that hasn't happened. Maybe someday?

Karlenn said...

Hahahahahahah!! I'm laughing so hard right now about the whole "Ren" "Ayyyy" "Smee!" You are so funny!! You should read Alicia's post (my friend from London) entitled "Why I hated Breaking Dawn." She brings up some interesting things.