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Monday, September 8, 2008

Babes at the Zoo

Today Arin and I went to the zoo with our little kids. We found out that a parent pushing a stroller got in for free, so I only had to pay for Jakob. Sweet! We had tons of fun, and because it was a little cooler all the animals were out, including the tigers and lions. Whenever I've gone they've been asleep in the shade. Jakob said his favorite was the lions, Brock's was the monkeys, and Troy's was the "guy-ger" (the tiger).

Here's my little fam on the tiger statue:

We went to see the goats, and the lady let the kids brush them down. The kids and the "kids" loved it! (Get it? Young goats? Kids? I'm so clever!)

There was a display area there that my husband's company had contributed to. It was playing some kind of drum tribal music. Jakob and Ila started busting their moves.

Afterwards we went to McDonald's, where our starving children sucked down nuggets, fries, and drinks. And of course they played on the really (filthy) fun toy in there.
All in all, a very awesome outing.

Here's a slide show, including pics of the kids with the tigers in the background.


Mosers said...

I love the pic of two kids dancing! What a fun day!!!

Karlenn said...

How on earth did you manage to fit a trip to the zoo with kindergarten later? You must have gotten there when it opened, or something! You are wonder-woman.

Layton Mom said...

Ila keeps telling me that was the funnest trip to the zoo. She thinks it was great to get to go with friends. She asked when we could go and do something like that again and wondered if we could spend along time at McD's afterwards. Funny Girl!

April said...

HOLY MACKREL! You got a pic of you and all your kids being ... may I say... Happy? WOW! Now all you need to do is photoshop Pete in! :D

Nah! I love your family pics... truely, in the future you will all look back and tease Brocky about how much he LOVED family picture day. And in the meantime it lets us all know that just like us your kids have their days too. :D

April said...

Ok natster! I totally need your help figureing out what I did to my blog while trying to get it to have 3 columns!... Call me when you get a chance eh? :D it's way late and I don't want to risk calling you tonight. Maybe in the morning eh? :D

April said...

Or hey! Maybe you could email me YOUR HTML so I can see what the heck I did wrong to mine... ahhh I am brilliant aren't I! ROFL